Data Acquisition Applications

Dewesoft data acquisition systems are used in many application areas, from flight testing to combustion analysis, bridge monitoring to acoustics, and many more. Our DAQ hardware has an application to a myriad of industrial processes.

Turn-key Test and Measurement Solutions

We have designed our data acquisition systems to be universal and versatile and can tackle every test and measurement application. Our plug-and-play DAQ systems can be used out of the box but offer enough flexibility that will leave you with endless possibilities. All our testing applications run on the same easy-to-use data acquisition software which will make you fall in love with your testing work.

Our products will introduce several benefits to your work. Faster learning curve, less cost, and finally, all your captured data will be perfectly synchronized and compatible.  

Data Recording (2)
Data Recording (2)
Vehicle Testing (9)
NVH Test (9)
Power & Energy (3)
Vibration Analysis (7)
Structural Dynamics (6)
Acoustics (6)
Monitoring (4)
Aerospace (1)

Case Studies