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Bridge operationsGuide on bridge operations for strain gauge sensors inside DewesoftX software and strain gauge signal conditioner.englishV21-1pdf2/9/2023Download
How to setup GoPro cameraA guide on how to setup GoPro camera acquisition inside DewesoftX software.englishV20-1pdf2/9/2023Download
How to use CAN ouputA short guide on how to set up the CAN output manual on Dewesoft CAN bus interfaces.englishV20-2pdf12/29/2022Download
How to use GPS for timing and synchronisationInstruction on how to use GPS as a timing and synchronization source for Dewesoft data acquisition systems.englishV22-1pdf12/28/2022Download
How to use OxTs synchronization cableQuick start manual for using OxTS sync cable manual.englishV21-2pdf2/9/2023Download
Power supply ground loopsPower supply ground loops application note.englishV21-1pdf2/9/2023Download
Vector Matrix ConstantA basic "how-to" guide on how to use array math.englishV21-1pdf2/9/2023Download
Why using isolated amplifiersUseful information about the different amplifier architectures (single-ended, differential, isolated).englishV21-1pdf2/9/2023Download