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Dewesoft Measurement Conference

16th - 18th April 2024, Laško, Slovenia

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Reasons to attend

Your ticket to the future

Sign up for the 6th Dewesoft Measurement Conference, three days of test and measurement knowledge-sharing and professional networking in the heart of Slovenia - innovative technology, hands-on experience, and direct access to specialists.

Learn from actual measurement cases and challenges

This conference features keynote speeches, workshops, and presentations of real-life use cases providing insights into the latest trends and best practices. Be inspired by speakers from leading development companies around the world. Learn from real-world case studies demonstrating how Dewesoft products are used to solve complex measurement challenges.

Step into the world of cutting-edge data acquisition technology

Learn about the latest advances in data acquisition, sensors, and testing technologies. Be ahead of the curve in your industry, learn about Dewesoft’s cutting-edge technology, and interact with our engineers, subject matter experts, and your peers.

Meet the developers

Meet the people doing the magic behind the scenes at Dewesoft. Our developers look forward to seeing you in face-to-face technical sessions. Our team of experts will be on hand to answer your questions and provide customized recommendations for your measurement challenges and questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn directly from experts in multiple fields.

Meet your peers

Dewesoft’s measurement conference brings together professionals from around the globe. Come meet like-minded specialists and expand your network. Learn from industry experts, engineers, and researchers through keynote speeches and workshops - or when socializing with fellow attendees. Share experiences, best practices, and insights, and learn from the best across applications and industries.

Meet the suppliers and customers

Meet other test and measurement suppliers exhibiting at the conference, such as sensor manufacturers and others. Or use the opportunity to display your company, show your products, and meet potential customers - reserve a booth in the conference’s exhibition hall.

Explore our DAQ hardware and software

See our solutions in action, handling an almost endless array of measurement challenges, and learn about exciting new products and technologies.

Present to the wider crowd

Use the opportunity to present your case study and your company to the global crowd of attendees, and explain to them why your approach makes the difference. Your knowledge and expertise will make this conference even better that it is.

Conference schedule

DATEMonday 15.4.Tuesday 16.4.Wednesday 17.4.Thursday 18.4.Friday 19.4.
9:00 - 9:45ArrivalsKeynoteKeynoteKeynoteDepartures
10:15 - 11:00Sessions 1.1Sessions 2.1Sessions 3.1
11:00 - 11:30Coffee break
11:30 - 12:15Sessions 1.2Sessions 2.2Sessions 3.2
12:15 - 13:30Lunch
13:30 - 14:15Sessions 1.3Sessions 2.3Sessions 3.3
14:15 - 14:45Coffee break
14:45 - 15:30Sessions 1.4Sessions 2.4Sessions 3.4
15:30 - 15:45Coffee break
15:45 - 16:30Sessions 1.5Sessions 2.5Sessions 3.5
EveningOpening event & keynoteHeroes of DewesoftDewesoft soccer matchConference closing event

* Exact schedule, keynotes, technical sessions and workshops will be announced in February 2024.

List of technical sessions

Getting started with DewesoftX


Explore the fundamentals of the DewesoftX software. We will guide you through the setup process, the creation of measurement screens, data recording, analysis techniques, and seamless data export.

DewesoftX advanced tips and tricks


Dive into the Advanced DewesoftX session, where we unveil hidden features like Alarms, Channel Remapping, and Batch Post-Analysis Operations, empowering you to unlock the full potential of DewesoftX for comprehensive data acquisition and analysis.

DewesoftX new features


Check out the new flashing features of DewesoftX data acquisition software. We will look into features such as Condition-based channel limits, Text widgets, Display templates, and many more.



Learn how openDAQ opens up new possibilities for integrating Dewesoft devices into third-party applications, what features it brings to DewesoftX users, and where it will lead us in the future.

OBSIDIAN embedded DAQs and data loggers


Dive into the OBSIDIAN embedded and data logger devices. We will go through the configuration for seamless data logging. Explore the capabilities of capturing and storing Analog, Digital, CAN, GPS, and System Monitor data with multiple storing options, including triggered storage. Gain insights into live remote monitoring with DewesoftX or the DewesoftM mobile app.

System configurations


Complex and dynamic data acquisition systems consist of various signal conditioning options and they often combine different DAQ devices. Dewesoft offers an extensive product portfolio to cover almost any type of measurement. Learn how to interconnect multiple Dewesoft product lines and how to synchronize them.

Temperature measurement


Temperature is one of the most measured quantities in control and testing. In this session, we will cover solutions and sensors Dewesoft offers for temperature measurement.

Acceleration measurement


Explore different types of accelerometers and their selection criteria. Learn how to mount the sensors and connect them to Dewesoft DAQ products, including advanced options in DewesoftX software.

Strain and stress measurement


Learn about different strain gauge configurations, shunting, lead wire compensation, and the basics of force and torque measuring instruments. Get to know Dewesoft DAQ products for strain/stress measurements, including tips and tricks.

Video measurement


Learn about our range of video analysis capabilities from various inputs such as DS-CAM products, DirectX cameras, IP cameras, Thermal cameras, Chapter 10, or high-speed cameras from Photron and their connection to Dewesoft. This session also includes various codecs, compression, synchronization, and visualization.

Digital I/O and counters


Live demo of digital I/O and counter hardware capabilities. Practical examples of state indicators, real-time triggers, and angular measurements with Dewesoft. Followed by a presentation of super-counter technology. Additionally, the new Counter plugin will be presented with added functionalities and capabilities.

New Dewesoft DAQ systems


Check Dewsoft's new and upcoming data acquisition systems. Meet our new hardware platforms and learn how they will change the world of test and measurement.

FFT analysis


This session answers questions like, "What is FFT?", "When to use it?", and "How to use it?". Learn by real-world FFT analysis examples. We explain and demonstrate the concept of FFT and relevant parameter settings.

Acoustic testing basics


Learn about the microphone types, their connection, and which DAQ systems to use, how you calibrate and use them with core Dewesoft capabilities in acoustic measurements like Octave analysis and Sound Level Meter.

Acoustic testing advanced


Showcasing the advanced Dewesoft modules dedicated to acoustics measurement and analysis. Everything you need to know about Sound Power, Sound Intensity, and Sound Quality modules in Dewesoft and their usage in different sound investigation measurement applications.

Rotating machinery analysis


Learn how to utilize Dewesoft Order Tracking & Analysis to investigate the vibration phenomena of rotating machinery. How to extract vibration orders based on rotation speed, inverter switching frequency, or any other measured quantity. Identify whether vibration arises as a consequence of mechanical or electrical components of an e-mobility system and understand where modifications are needed. The session also covers the utilization of the Rotor Balancing module.

Rotor dynamics analysis


Applying the Dewesoft Orbit Analysis module to turbines, compressors, and other turbomachinery operating with fluid or air bearings. Using the module to calculate a complete set of rotor dynamic parameters to understand rotor movement, clearances, and vibration and optimize operation to reduce wear and prolong maintenance intervals.

Modal test and analysis


Learn new Modal Test and Modal Analysis capabilities inside DewesoftX software. We will talk about multireference testing, hysteretic and structural damping evaluation, orthographic animation, etc. Live demo of MIMO measurements on airplane model structure.

Electric motor efficiency analysis


R&D in the field of transportation electrification is in full swing. Learn about Dewesoft solutions for E-mobility testing, e.g., the new motor efficiency analysis module for various electric and hybrid drivetrains and their components such as batteries, inverters, and motors.

Electrical power basics


Explore the options for (high) voltage measurements. Learn tips and tricks for accurate current measurements and which sensing technique is the most suitable for the job. Find out how to set up the Power Analysis module for different configurations and get the basics for applications like motor, transformer, and electrical equipment testing.

Electrical power advanced


Learn the advanced features of Dewesoft's power analyzer. Learn about power quality analysis, including reporting with examples of real-world applications. How to optimize the setup, online vs. offline math, usage of GPU to increase computing performance, and more.

DC-CT current transducers


We will present an innovation in the current measurement world - our new DC-CT® current transducer. Meet the DC-CT technology and see its capabilities and different possible applications in of course a live measurement demo.

Structural health monitoring


Condensed session to summarize all structural health capabilities from Dewesoft. We will overview IOLITE® single- and multi-channel devices for various sensors and software capabilities (Dewesoft X, Historian, Grafana, OMA). We will also discuss the importance of synchronization, EtherCAT, and fiber optics for large distances. Presented on real use cases.

NEMOSENSE and Historian


Learn about new NEMOSENSE IoT vibration data logger capabilities of all variants - PoE, daisy chain, battery, LTE. We will demonstrate how to configure the data logger, transfer the data to the HISTORIAN database, use Grafana for overview dashboards and notifications, and import data into DewesoftX software for advanced analysis.

Combustion and hybrid engine analyzer


Learn about new features in the Dewesoft Combustion Engine Analyzer, e.g., the added features for hydrogen combustion, and see how to combine the combustion analyzer with an electrical power analyzer for analyzing hybrid drivetrains.

Automotive bus systems


Introduction to CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay, CCP/XCP, LIN (master/slave), and OBDII automotive bus systems. We will also take a look at CMP protocol, Technica Engineering devices, and discuss the future of automotive buses inside Dewesoft.

Virtual 3D polygon


Explore the virtual polygon add-on to DewesoftX software, its capabilities, and its use for various testing applications such as brake testing, ADAS testing, pass-by noise, etc. Learn the flexibility Polygon brings to GNSS and inertial measurements.

Brake and brake noise testing


Learn about brake testing and brake noise testing and how they are performed within the Dewesoft product ecosystem. We will go through minimum hardware requirements, software setup, and all the way through the measurement, analysis, and reporting.

ADAS testing


Learn about the measurement and verification of ADAS systems with Dewesoft software and hardware. Learn how to perform standard ADAS tests such as autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, etc. We will also present the usage of self-driving robotic platforms and show installed equipment on the test vehicle.

Calibration and quality assurance


Learn how to calibrate Dewesoft DAQ devices and how we assure the quality of Dewesoft instrumentation. We will also present software and hardware quality improvements.

DewesoftX sequencer

Automation & Control

Join the DewesoftX sequencer session. We will explain function blocks, enabling you to effortlessly create automated test sequences with DewesoftX software. From basic automated measurements to advanced sequences involving communication with other devices like functional generators.

Dewesoft and real-time control

Automation & Control

Learn how Dewesoft EtherCAT systems can be integrated into test bench and production control systems. Data is provided to the 3rd party controllers in real-time and acquired with DewesoftX in parallel. EtherCAT enables Dewesoft hardware to be used as a control system front end or a high-end measurement system in a production line with a direct connection to the PLC.

Dewesoft NET distributed acquisition


Learn about the possibilities of Dewesoft NET network acquisition and unlock the potential for large-scale DAQ systems and distributed configurations. Explore practical examples of Dewesoft NET distributed systems. Learn how to configure client and measurement units, a flat analog channel list, cross-triggering, remote desktop access, and more.

Aerospace telemetry and bus systems


Learn how to acquire data from the aerospace bus and telemetry systems such as IRIG-106 Chapter 10, IRIG-106 Chapter 7, PCM, Arinc 429, MIL-STD-1553, and Ethernet streams. Learn about the new iNET interface and its usage within the Dewesoft ecosystem.

Extending DewesoftX - Introduction


Learn how to extend the functionality of DewesoftX software with your custom modules. Develop modules, visual widgets, and custom math operations using the latest state-of-the-art technologies. We will present a built-in IDE for the simple C++ scripting approach and a more advanced plug-in development architecture.

openDAQ SDK - Introduction


Learn how to integrate Dewesoft data acquisition devices into your application software by using the openDAQ software development kit. Configure and read live data measured by Dewesoft devices.

openDAQ SDK - Workshop


Hands-on openDAQ development workshop. Learn how to use the openDAQ software development kit in your applications. Bring your laptop!

Extending DewesoftX - Workshop


Hands-on development workshop. Learn how to prepare and develop a custom signal processing plugin, visual widget, or a simple C++ signal processing script.



Learn about different positioning and orientation sensor technologies and their pros and cons. Our main focus will be on the Navion i2 inertial platform and the new RTK over WIFI. We will also look into the future of Dewesoft GNSS products.

Highlights from the last Measurement Conference

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