Data Acquisition and Real-time Control Systems

Have you ever dreamed of having a device capable of high-quality signal conditioning, data recording, processing, and be used as a real-time control front-end at the same time? 

Our data acquisition devices are capable of storing hundreds of analog and digital channels at full speed while allowing parallel data to be sent out in real-time to any 3rd party EtherCAT master controller. We have brought the worlds of data acquisition and real-time control closer together which will save you time and money in a big way.


Knowledge Base:

What is EtherCAT and how does it work?
What is data acquisition - DAQ or DAS?
Dewesoft data acquisition technology explained
How to choose the right DAQ system for your measurement application
What Is signal conditioning or signal conditioner?
What Is the ADC converter (analog-to-digital converter)?
Types of A/D converters
Electrical galvanic isolation of data acquisition systems
What is a sensor and what do they do?
What is a data logger?
What is the difference between a data logger and a DAQ system?
What is TEDS sensor technology IEEE 1451.4?
What is EtherCAT and how does it work?

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