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Railcar and rail infrastructure systems require a wide range of testing and validation, from design through production and operation. Dewesoft DAQ systems are used for hundreds of applications. Whether it’s an automated airport tram or the New York City subway; commuter rail or long-distance freight haulers, Dewesoft is there, testing diesel and electric engines, testing pantographs and third rail systems, performing passenger comfort and acoustic NVH tests, and much more. You’ll also find our systems testing tunnels and bridges, and checking the quality and safety of the electric power infrastructure of metros all around the world.

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Train Brake Performance Testing in Winter Conditions

AFRY test center in Sweden has tested train brake performance in winter conditions, measuring strain and temperature with Dewesoft DAQ systems.

Carsten Frederiksen

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Case Studies

Structural Health Monitoring of the Railway Viaduct

A railroad bridge in Saudi Arabia was observed for around 80 hours to evaluate its structural health with the monitoring system based on Dewesoft integrated sensing devices.

Rok Mesar

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Case Studies

High-voltage Testing of Railway Infrastructure

Learn how the Dewesoft DAQ system was used for railway maintenance and testing the safety of the electrical infrastructure power on the railway.

Konrad Schweiger

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