Rugged Data Acquisition Systems and Rugged Data Loggers For Testing In Harsh Environments

Our rugged data acquisition systems and rugged data loggers are built to work in very harsh environments. DAQ system can be distributed down to a single channel and placed close to the sensors. All DAQ systems offer IP67 degree of protection and are thus waterproof, dustproof, shock resistant up to 100G, and can withstand a temperature range up to -40 °C to 85 °C.

But don't let the ultra ruggedness mislead you. Our rugged DAQ systems include cutting-edge signal conditioning which can perform a very precise and high-speed data acquisition.

All types of analog input amplifiers are available and allow you to connect voltage sensors, current sensors, strain gages (quarter-bridge, half-bridge, full-bridge), load cells, IEPE accelerometers, and microphones, charge accelerometers, thermocouples, RTD's, LVDT's. Additional acquisition of digital I/Os, video, GPS, and IMU and automotive interfaces like CAN bus, FlexRay, XCP is possible with full synchronization to analog data.

Rugged Data Acquisition Systems and Rugged Data Loggers

All our rugged DAQ systems include our award-winning Dewesoft X3 data acquisition software. Our DAQ software works seamlessly with our rugged data acquisition systems and offers smart technologies that make using systems easier than riding a bike. Hardware autodetection, smart TEDS sensors support will make hardware and measurement setup a breeze. Dewesoft X software offers advanced data storing, data visualization, and data analysis features.

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