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Structural Health MonitoringStructural control and health monitoring of buildings, dams, bridges, etc.

Monitor critical structures through their entire life cycle! Dewesoft structural health monitoring solutions enable you to get data from almost any kind of sensor, whether dynamic or static, within a single software interface.

Our powerful analytic tools, dashboards, and rich visualizations help you speed up the transformation of data into meaningful results. Bundled with alarm notifications and reports customized to user roles, we are strengthening decision-making, risk management, and structure safety. 



Strain and Stress

Strain and Stress

Full Bridge

Full Bridge

Half Bridge

Half Bridge

Quarter Bridge

Quarter Bridge















Structural Health Monitoring highlights

Totally Distributed System

Dewesoft DAQ devices are designed to be distributed under any condition. EtherCAT technology allows devices to be placed near the sensors and connected with a single cable for power, data, and synchronization. The cable can span up to 100m between DAQ nodes or virtually unlimited using EtherCAT to fiber optic converters.

Any Sensor

Input amplifiers offer support for any strain gauge sensor, low-frequency accelerometer sensors for seismic activity monitoring, temperature, and weather factors.

Perfectly Synchronized

All data channels are synchronized well below microsecond accuracy, required for deep structural analysis.

Amazing Dynamic Range

With dynamic ranges up to 160dB, our customers are claiming they can see fish hitting the structure.

Wide Variety of Configuration

From extremely rugged IP67 units with very high dynamic range to cost-effective solutions offer a tailored approach for virtually any structure with the possibility to monitor and analyze thousands of data points.

Powerful Software

DewesoftX software offers real-time diagnosis, pre-processing, and data reduction with powerful math. A wide variety of storage options are possible with powerful visualization choices. 

Open Interfaces

Using DewesoftX, data is available in a wide variety of formats, from exported data to live OPC UA interface or modern cloud data services.

Remote Operation

The entire system can be remotely operated offering triggered storing, alarms, and other monitoring features with capabilities to store data locally or at distant remote locations.

Software included

Every Dewesoft data acquisition system is bundled with award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software. The software is easy to use but very rich and deep in functionality. All software updates are free forever with no hidden licensing or yearly maintenance fees.

Structural Health Monitoring Solution from A-Z

Permanently installed sensors and data acquisition devices are constantly providing trusted data to our clients, and system integrator companies. Our powerful software helps you speed up the transformation of data into meaningful results, improving decision-making, risk management, and structure safety.

Key components of the Dewesoft structural monitoring system:

  • Software: centralized software to speed up the transformation of data into meaningful results.

  • Sensors: almost any kind of sensor used in structural health monitoring or geotechnical monitoring.

  • Data acquisition devices/Dataloggers: from single to multiple channels, wireless or wired.

System Architecture

Depending on the application and monitoring purpose, different sensors are used for Structural Health Monitoring. Sensors are installed on the structure providing static or dynamic data about the structure's behaviour.

Dynamic sensors are connected to the EtherCAT-based data acquisition devices. Multiple EtherCAT devices can be connected to the same network giving the possibility to build a virtually unlimited channel chain by using a single cable to deliver power, synchronization, and data. The whole EtherCAT chain is synchronized to 1us independent of the cable length. Node-node distances can be up to 100m. Wireless DAQ devices are used to connect static sensors.

Data from wireless and Wired DAQ devices are collected and processed by Measurement Units (Computer) running the DewesoftX software. Processed data is sent over the TCP/IP network to the factory or cloud server. Data can be accessed and viewed on the client's PC or stored in the time series database (Historian) and served SCADA systems or Cloud Software using standard interfaces such as OPC/UA or XCP to truly support Industry 4.0 applications. 

Structural Health Monitoring Software

Dewesoft offers advanced structural health monitoring software. The software package is always evolving and new features are being added with every new release. We offer lifetime free software upgrades to all our users.

The software includes these components:

  • Client software

  • High-level web-based client (optional)

  • Dewesoft Historian - time-serial database (optional)

  • Wide variety of data formats to interface with 3rd party clients (optional)

Learn more about Dewesoft SHM software.

Data Loggers

Dewesoft offers single-channel to multiple-channel EtherCAT data acquisition devices to support almost any sensor required in structural health monitoring projects. Devices are daisy chained with a standard network cable delivering power, synchronization, and data throughout the whole EtherCAT chain.  The maximum distance node-to-node is 100 m. This simplifies the installation of the devices on the structures.

Also, 3rd party data loggers can be integrated into DewesoftX software using Modbus TCP-IP, Serial COM, or other available plugins.

Structural Health Monitoring Sensors

We offer almost any kind of static and dynamic sensors used in Structural and Geotechnical monitoring applications:

  • Titlmeters

  • Crack and joint meters

  • Piezometers

  • IPI inclinometers

  • VW strain gauges and Bolt-on strain gages

  • VW load cells

  • 3-axial MEMS accelerometers

  • Low-noise/Seismic accelerometers

  • Microphones

Learn more about the sensors.

Structural Monitoring Applications

Dewesoft structural monitoring solutions can be tailor-made and configured for all sorts of structural health monitoring applications. Some of the common applications we are delivering:

  • Bridge health monitoring

  • Overpass monitoring

  • Dam monitoring

  • Monitoring during construction

  • High-rise building monitoring