Structural Dynamics Testing and Analysis

We offer a one-stop solution for structural dynamics testing to analyze the dynamic behavior of structures subjected to dynamic (high acceleration) loading. The solution is ideal for optimizing your products' dynamic properties and behavior – from initial concept to final certification and beyond, including troubleshooting and structural health monitoring.

Our solution covers various applications such as the modal test (FRF - frequency response function, OMA, ODS, SIMO, and MIMO), FFT - Spectrum Analyzer, fatigue test analysis, SRS - Shock Response Spectrum, sine reduction (COLA), and structural and bridge health monitoring.

Structural Dynamics Testing Solutions

To understand a structure’s behavior, we need to analyze the way it reacts to loads and forces. By exciting the structure with an impact hammer or vibration shaker and measuring its response with accelerometers, you can characterize its modes and natural resonant frequencies.

Our solution combines very flexible data acquisition hardware and award-winning Dewesoft X DAQ software. Both fully integrated offer the most precise vibration measurement with an unmatched signal-to-noise ratio - more than 130 dB, and dynamic range up to 160 dB. Our engineers go the extra mile to make the structural dynamics software easy to use.

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