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NameDescriptionLanguageVersionFile typePublished atDownload
ActiveX control v1.12DewesoftX ActiveX control for hosting Dewesoft application (702).englishzip5/10/2023Download
ActiveX control v1.13DewesoftX ActiveX control for hosting Dewesoft application (705).englishzip5/10/2023Download
ActiveX Matlab examplesDewesoftX ActiveX control examples for Matlab.englishzip5/10/2023Download
C++ Plugin Examples​​A set of example codes in C++ for DewesoftX plugin development.englishzip5/9/2023Download
C++ Plugin HeadersStandalone C++ headers only (no wizard) for DewesoftX plugin development.englishzip5/9/2023Download
C++ processing plugin manualUser manual for extending DewesoftX data acquisition software with C++ Processing Plugin(s)english1.0pdf4/22/2024Download
Data export plugin examplesPlugin examples for data export from DewesoftX data acquisition software. The bundle package includes examples in the following programming languages: C#, Delphi, VBScript, and Visual C++.englishzip5/9/2023Download
DCOM manualDCOM programming manual for Dewesoft data acquisition software.english1.1.0pdf5/17/2023Download
DCOM manual WinHelpDCOM programming manual for DewesoftX data acquisition software in WinHelp format.english1.1.0zip5/17/2023Download
DCOM reference manual for Dewesoft 6DCOM programming reference manual for Dewesoft 6 data acquisition software.english2006-06pdf5/17/2023Download
Dewesoft Data Reader LibraryDewesoft Data Reader Library version v4.2.0.28. Dynamic library for reading .d7d, .dxd, .d7z, and .dxz files, for Windows and Linux, 32- and 64-bit. Includes examples written in pure C, C#, Matlab, Python, and VBA.english4.2.0.28zip5/10/2023Download
Dewesoft NET Python exampleExample of a Dewesoft NET client written in Python programming language. Additional description is available here:
DewesoftX automation code examplesAutomation code examples for automating DewesoftX data acquisition software. Examples bundle includes code in Python, Matlab, VB.NET, and Delphi.englishzip5/9/2023Download
DewesoftX XML setup file structureStructure of the DewesoftX XML setup file.englishzip5/10/2023Download
DSMinGW.exeRedistributable Package for running C++ Script inside DewesoftX data acquisition software.englishexe5/9/2023Download
DSRemoteConnect library (C++, Python, LabView)The library is used for integrating DewesoftX with custom applications that require only basic functionality. It provides functions for loading setup files, starting the measurement, transmitting data, and writing to control channels. It includes a 32 and 64-bit DLL library with corresponding header files in C++ and an example written in Python, C++, and in LabView. For more information visit Dewesoft online PRO training and refer to the DSRemote library online training course.english1.1.0zip5/9/2023Download
Example C++ scriptsThis bundle package includes various C++ scripts for DewesoftX data acquisition software. The scripts are mostly used for learning purposes. The bundle package also includes C++ scripts for our C++ online PRO training course.englishzip5/9/2023Download
Online PRO training C++ plugin examplesExample code for the online PRO training development course about DewesoftX plugin development.englishzip5/9/2023Download
Useful C++ scriptsThis package includes useful example C++ scripts that we have created at Dewesoft. Scripts solve various common problems and have decided to release them as open source for everyone to use or study. Each folder contains a text file with the description of what C++ Script does, as well as a DewesoftX setup file .dxs which features C++ script in action. If you want to use a specific C++ script in other setups, copy the related .cbu file into Dewesoft's bin/Addons folder, after which the script will appear as a regular Dewesoft plugin under the Math menu (you might need to restart DewesoftX first). englishzip5/9/2023Download
Visual Studio 2017/2019 Development ToolVisual Studio 2017/2019 installer for Dewesoft plugin types in C++.englishzip5/9/2023Download
Visual Studio 2022 Development ToolVisual Studio 2022 installer for Dewesoft plugin types in C++.englishzip5/9/2023Download