Data Recording and Data Logging Solutions

Dewesoft offers very flexible data loggers and data recorders for low, medium, and high-speed data logging and data recording applications. Our data loggers offer perfectly synchronized data recording from a wide variety of data sources.

Analog sensors such as voltage, current, temperature, thermocouple, RTDs, strain gauge, pressure, resistance, power, energy, etc. Digital, CAN, CAN FD, XCP, Ethernet, EtherCAT, OPC UA, Video, GPS, and inertial navigation (IMU/INS), and many other data interfaces are supported.

High-speed data acquisition devices for transient recording are also available where recording transients is possible on a vast variety of trigger conditions. Signal amplifiers with sampling speed up to 15 MS/s per channel are available.

Acoustic and Noise Testing Solutions

Our data logging hardware instruments are modular and flexible by design. You can expand channel count as your measurements grow in time. A single-channel data logger can seamlessly grow into a multi-channel data logger when your measurement applications require that.

The award-winning DewesoftX data logging software is included with every Dewesoft DAQ system. It is intuitive, easy to use, and offers lifetime free upgrades and technical support. You will never want to use another data acquisition software again. Everything from storing, triggering, alarms, visualization, and extensive data analysis is available in this single software suite.

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