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Acoustic test reportDewesoft test report for acoustic filters.englishpdf6/20/2024Download
AQAP-2110:2016 certificateNATO standard certificate (NATO quality assurance requirements for design, development, and production).englishpdf8/28/2023Download
Bearings databaseBearings database for analysis of bearings. Unzip and copy the XML file to the appropriate DewesoftX system folder.englishzip4/11/2023Download
Brand identity elementsElements of the Dewesoft brand identity such as logos and fonts in different formats, styles, and layouts.englishzip4/11/2023Download
Brand identity guidelinesGuidelines for the Dewesoft brand identity elements such as colors, logos, business cards, prints, and others.english1.0pdf4/11/2023Download
City of Acrobats

The City of Acrobats is an entrepreneurial environment of shared services and production for physical products, combining cutting-edge technological know-how with the wisdom of the experienced (Dewesoft) and the enthusiasm of the young startups (Katapult).

Code of conductDewesoft company code of conduct brochure.englishpdf4/11/2023Download
ISO certificates 2023Dewesoft ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. The certificates have been renewed and re-issued in March 2023.englishzip4/11/2023Download
Quality policyDewesoft quality policy information leaflet.english22-1pdf4/11/2023Download
SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certificateAccreditation certificate (General requirements for the competence, impartiality, and consistent operation of laboratories).englishpdf8/28/2023Download
Warranty termsTerms and conditions of the Dewesoft 7-year warranty.englishpdf4/11/2023Download