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Challenge the status quo, redefine possibilities, and simplify human progress.

Originating from a land steeped in coal mining and industry history, we have reached for space.

Dewesoft is a high-growth and globally leading test and measurement company. We provide award-winning software and hardware solutions to world-renowned companies across various industries - aerospace, automotive, transportation, construction, and energy.

Work with us and connect to cutting-edge technology in companies like NASA, ESA, SpaceX, Daimler, Tesla, Volvo, Rimac, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Harley Davidson, Komatsu, and Weg.

More than 20 years of experience, built for 100+

More than 20% growth annually

Offices in more than 20 countries

Proud winners of the Employer of the year 2022 award

Best employer for a reason

Fulfilling work

We are a team of dynamic individuals thriving on challenges. Whether working directly with customers or behind the scenes, you'll have a clear mission and purpose. We encourage you to think big, dream, and unleash your potential.

Work with the latest technology

We constantly push the boundaries of technology. We pioneer customer solutions and apply cutting-edge tools in-house.

Launch your career to the new heights

We offer mentoring, training, and the opportunity for job changes and promotions. You'll grow both professionally and personally.

Become a co-owner

At Dewesoft, a majority of employees are co-owners, and you can join them in being a part-owner of the company.

Excellent work environment

People are at our heart. We foster openness, honesty, sharing, and care within our team. We work hard and have fun together. In fact, Dewesoft achieved the title of Slovenian Best Employer of 2022 (Zlata nit).


We value and reward performance. We appreciate individual achievements and extraordinary contributions to the company and the community.

Open-book management

Management shares financial information and follows an open-door policy. Our financial transparency and shared insights drive teamwork and innovation.

Employee health and well-being

To promote your well-being, we provide healthy and delicious breakfast and lunch options and organize and support numerous sports and recreational activities. We support each other and recognize you as an individual. We strive to help you achieve a healthy balance between your personal and professional life.

Fields of work

Software Development

At Dewesoft, as a software engineer, you collaborate with top global companies. Our in-house developed software powers our products, spanning Windows executables, cross-platform APIs, and embedded code for our hardware.

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Web development

We build and maintain software for operating our company, including purchasing, manufacturing, sales, and HR tools. Web developers' role is critical in ensuring smooth business operations.

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Electronics design

Our innovative hardware team designs cutting-edge measurement instruments from concept to product. They handle electrical and mechanical engineering, collaborating with product management and the Technology department to meet departmental needs.

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Application engineering and product management

Our interdisciplinary team ensures global customers receive top-notch support throughout product development and use. Our engineers travel to leading labs, blending expertise in measurement applications with a deep tech understanding.

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Quality and calibration

In the QC and calibration department, instruments undergo rigorous checks, including calibration, measurement accuracy, software and license verification, and cosmetic inspection. These steps guarantee flawless products for our customers.

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Our production-manufacturing departments are the ones that complete the cycle of creating a state-of-art physical product.

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Process engineers play a crucial role in determining product designs and production methods. Industrial engineers primarily work in manufacturing because their specific role is to find ways to produce goods more efficiently. Manufacturing engineers help determine how products are constructed.

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Logistics and purchasing

Managing the supply chain involves purchasing, negotiations, supplier management, and strategic sourcing. As we grow, we're expanding our storage capacity, upgrading systems, and hiring more staff.

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Sales and marketing

We successfully sell in 50 countries. Opportunities and new markets in measurement technology open up every year.

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Corporate functions play a crucial role in the overall functioning and success of Dewesoft. We hire and train top experts in their field.

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Project management

We like to face new challenges. Our project management team ensures that new project opportunities are gathered from all over the globe, processed, evaluated, and rated.

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Trbovlje HQ

Our headquarters is located in the small town of Trbovlje, surrounded by the hills of the Zasavje region, in the heart of Slovenia. The Trbovlje HQ houses our main R&D and manufacturing plants, as well as our global marketing, administration, project management, and support departments.

Scenic beauty

Trbovlje is located in a picturesque valley surrounded by hills and mountains. If you enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and biking or love being close to nature, Trbovlje's natural beauty can be a big draw.

Infrastructure of a big city

Hospital with renowned pediatrics and maternity department, a marketplace with homegrown food, six kindergartens, four primary schools, three middle schools, a museum, outdoor and indoor tennis courts, an outdoor Olympic swimming pool, public parks, a shopping center, restaurants, pubs, public transportation, and e-bike urban mobility.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We’ve created an entrepreneurial ecosystem of startups and enabled them to chase their dreams. In our business accelerator Katapult we host prodigies that don't necessarily share our line of work but they share our vision - to create, to innovate, to advance.

The city of acrobats

We’re going to build a 40,000-square-meter technology campus where we’ll host startups, individuals, and educational institutions - anyone with the passion to create and change the world for the better.

Ljubljana office

The Ljubljana office is home to our acoustics application team which handles the development of acoustics testing applications. The office is located on the edge of Ljubljana, next to BTC City.

Maribor office

The Maribor office is part of the University of Maribor and hosts part of our software R&D team who works on various key software development and products.

400+ employees worldwide in more than 20 countries.

Dewesoft USA

Dewesoft USA is responsible for all sales, support, training, and engineering activities in all 50 states of the USA, as well as in Canada and the minor territories of the USA. With a team size of just over 50 people, it is our largest subsidiary. The team of great experts has been a part of the Dewesoft family from the early days. They serve some of the world's best brands such as SpaceX, NASA, Tesla, General Motors, Ford, Volvo, Rivian, Boeing, John Deere, Caterpillar, and many others.

Dewesoft UK

Our Dewesoft UK team is responsible for sales, support, and training activities in the United Kingdom, Scotland, and Ireland territories. The team has been a part of the Dewesoft family from its early years and keeps growing every year. Dewsoft UK handles high-profile customers such as Rolls-Royce, Boeing, JCB, Volta trucks, Horiba MIRA, Network Rail, Caterpillar. and many others.

Dewesoft France

Bonjour! Meet the team of our Dewesoft France office. They have been part of the Dewesoft family from the beginning and are our second biggest subsidiary. Located in Paris, France, they handle all the sales, support, training, and engineering activities in the countries of France, Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, and French Guayana. They handle high-profile customers such as Renault, DGA, Clemessy, ESA, AGCO, Valeo, and many others.

Dewesoft Germany

Dewesoft Deutschland GmbH is a strong team of great engineers who handle all sales, support, and training activities of Dewesoft solutions in Germany. They are responsible for high-profile customers such as Mercedez-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Airbus, and many others. Dewsoft Germany has three offices in Stuttgart, Munich, and Berlin.

Dewesoft Italy

It won't get more fun than with the Dewesoft Italy team. The main office is located in Rome in an old renovated office space. The very motivated team of engineers handles all our sales, support, and training activities in Italy, serving some of the world's best-known brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Ducati, Piaggio, Leonardo, Enel, Terna, and many others.

Dewesoft México

Hola! Dewesoft México has been part of the Dewesoft global family since 2020. The team is growing slowly every year and they truly represent the spirit of Dewesoft. A team of engineers and salespeople handle all sales, support, and training activities in all 32 Mexican states. They work with high-profile customers such as Nissan, Volkswagen, General Electric, Honeywell, Infinity, CNH, Continental, and many others.

Dewesoft Brasil

The Dewesoft Brasil team has been a member of the Dewesoft family since 2018. The team handles all sales, support, and training activities in all 26 states of Brasil. Our Brazilian team works and supports high-profile customers such as Volvo, Scania, BYD, DCTA, WEG, Renault, and many others in the R&D and manufacturing areas.

Dewesoft China

Dewesoft China subsidiary has been a part of Dewesoft from the early beginning. The team members are covering sales and support activities in a huge territory of China. With offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Xi'an it is our second biggest subsidiary and covers customers in the Automotive, Aerospace, Transportation, Manufacturing, and Power and Energy markets.

Dewesoft SEA

Who doesn't like South East Asia? Dewesoft SAE is located in the heart of it - Singapore. The team covers all sales, marketing, and support activities in the countries of South East Asia, including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam. It is also the host of our yearly Asian kick-off meeting for our APAC area members.

Dewesoft India

Dewesoft India has been a member of the Dewesoft family since 2018. They cover countries of India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh with all sales, marketing, and support activities of the entire Dewesoft product portfolio. They are active in the Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Civil Engineering, Power, and Energy markets. Dewesoft India has two offices in Chennai and Bengaluru.

Dewesoft Finland

A member since 2020, but history and experience since day one. The team handles sales, marketing, and support activities in Finland. They are experienced in a wide range of measurement applications related to product development, vibration, combustion, automation, and maintenance. They work with customers such as KONE, AGCO, BRP, Afry, Danfoss, ABB, Huawei, and others.

Dewesoft Benelux

Dewesoft Benelux joined the Dewesoft family in 2021. They handle all the business aspects of selling and supporting Dewesoft's product portfolio in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. They work with high-profile brands such as Vattenfall, Fokker, Royal IHC, European Space Research & Technology Centre, TNO, DEKRA, 24SEA, and many others in the areas of Automotive, Aerospace, Transportation, and civil engineering.

Dewesoft Austria

Dewesoft Austria is one of the original members of the Dewesoft family and has been with us from the beginning. Our Austrian team handles all sales, support, and training activities for Austria as well as marketing support for our German office. They work with companies such as Siemens, TIWAG, Magna Steyer, AVL, Powerup GmbH, BMW, ABB, and many others.

Dewesoft Sweden

Dewesoft Sweden subsidiary has been opened in 2017. The team in Sweden is responsible for all sales, support, and training activities in the countries of Sweden and Norway. They are developing businesses and working with high-profile customers such as Volvo, Scania, Komatsu, Husqvarna, Vattenfall, ABB, Alstom, BAE Systems, and many others.

Dewesoft Czech Republic

Our subsidiary in the Czech Republic has been opened in 2022. The team handles all business development activities in the countries of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They are working with customers in Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial, Energy, and transportation areas with customers such as Skoda, Valeo, Doosan Bobcat, Siemens, Iveco, Bosch, and many others.

Dewesoft Denmark

Dewesoft Denmark joined the Dewesoft family in 2018. The local team handles all the business aspects of selling and supporting Dewesoft's product portfolio in Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland. They work with high-profile brands such as MAN Energy, Siemens, Vattenfall, Structural Vibration Solutions, Danfoss, Force Technology, and many others in the areas of Energy, Civil Engineering, Maritime, Industrial, and Automotive.