Get DewesoftX Evaluation License

To receive a fully featured 30-day evaluation license for DewesoftX software fill out and submit the form below. Data marked with * are required. The license will be emailed to you at the provided email address.

License Registration

If your measurement PC computer has access to the internet, you can register your DewesoftX evaluation license directly inside the DewesoftX software. Follow the instructions for online registration below.

If you do not have internet access on the PC then please scroll down to the instructions for offline registration and follow the instructions for offline registration.

Instructions for online registration

  1. Run DewesoftX software on your measurement computer.

  2. Open Settings and navigate to Licensing tab.

  3. Enter the license key you received in your email and press the Register online button.

  4. DewesoftX will connect to the internet and will register your license automatically.

Instructions for offline registration

  1. Run DewesoftX software on your measurement computer.

  2. Connect the device that is dedicated to the license you want to register

  3. Open Settings and navigate to Licensing tab.

  4. Turn on all desired hardware (A/D cards, CAN, etc.), software options (if any), and plugins (if any).

  5. Enter your information into these text fields.

  6. Enter the license key you received in your email and press the Register offline button.

  7. Copy the created license file DWX-NNNN-NNNN-NNNN.lic from the measurement computer, and go to another computer with internet access.

  8. Drag and drop your ".lic" file into the upload area below to register your license.

  9. Press the Download button to receive the registered license file.

  10. Save and overwrite the downloaded ".lic" file over the original ".lic" file on the measurement computer created in step 4. NOTE: if you are using Safari, you must remove the ".xml" extension from the downloaded file.

  11. Restart the DewesoftX software.