Vibration Analysis and Vibration Testing Solutions

Vibration analysis and vibration testing are essential in every product design and maintenance. Vibration may influence the durability and reliability of mechanical systems or structures and cause problems such as damage, abnormal stopping, and disaster which may lead to severe safety issues. Vibration measurement is an important countermeasure to prevent these problems.

Rotating machinery analysis is primarily concerned with signals relating to the rotational speed and its harmonics. Orders are harmonics of the rotational speed. Evaluating orders can be critically important on many types of rotating machines. Dewesoft offers easy to use solutions for FFT analysis, order tracking analysis, torsional vibration, orbit analysis, and octave band analysis.

Vibration Analysis and Testing Solutions from Dewesoft

Our data acquisition systems (vibration analyzers) offer flexibility and the most precise vibration measurement with an unmatched signal to noise ratio - more than 130 dB and dynamic range up to 160 dB. We support any kind of vibration sensors (IEPE, MEMS, and Charge accelerometers) and rotational sensors - analog and digital tacho probes, counter, and encoder sensors. We offer a benchtop, portable, and multi-channel vibration analyzer with the world-best vibration analysis software included.

To offer a turn-key solution we compliment the product line with vibration sensors and actuators for vibration testing - IEPE accelerometer sensors, modal impact hammers, and modal/inertial vibration shakers

What is Vibration Analysis?

Vibration Analysis is defined as the technique of measuring vibration to identify anomalies in industrial and other machinery. Using FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) algorithms, Vibration Analyzers separate vibration signals into amplitude and frequency components to facilitate failure recognition.

Vibration analysis can detect problems in all types of machinery such as displacement, imbalance, bearing failures, mechanical looseness, misalignment, electrical motor faults, bent shafts, gearbox failures, resonance and natural frequencies, empty space or bubbles (cavitation) in pumps, and critical speeds.

Dewesoft also offers machine condition monitoring solutions for permanent monitoring and preventing such machinery failures.

Vibration Knowledge Base?

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