Data acquisition products and hardware you will at work.

Dewesoft is designing and manufacturing versatile and easy-to-use data acquisition hardware. Our data acquisition products are the ultimate tools for test and measurement engineers. When you invest in Dewesoft you invest in your future. Handmade in the EU and offered with an industry-leading 7-year warranty, free technical support, and free DAQ software.

Product categories

Browse categories and find the perfect data acquisition products for your application. We offer data acquisition systems for nearly any test-case scenario. From modular data acquisition systems to portable all-in-one display instruments. From rugged DAQs to high-channel-count rack-mountable data acquisition systems. We are delivering turn-key test and measurement solutions that include all installation and mounting accessories, cables, and traceable calibration certificates. Dewesoft is a one-stop shop for all your data acquisition needs.

What can we measure?

Our DAQ hardware and software are unique in terms of measurement capabilities and supported data interfaces. Hardware is built to be extremely versatile and rugged and with a big emphasis on simplicity. We have worked closely with many test engineers in all industries which made our data acquisition systems as simple as riding a bike. What sets our hardware apart is the amazing versatility that it offers. Use our DAQ as a data recorder, oscilloscope, FFT analyzer, power analyzer, or many other test applications that are supported by our award-winning hardware and software.

Analog signals

We offer signal conditioning amplifiers for almost any type of analog signal and sensor. Our data acquisition systems are capable of sampling data up to 15 MS/s per channel, with a high bandwidth (up to 5 MHz) and an amazing dynamic range (up to 160 dB). We are utilizing 24-bit delta-sigma ADC with an anti-aliasing filter or 16-bit SAR ADC for sampling rates above 1 MS/s.

  • Voltage

  • High-voltage

  • Current

  • Resistance

  • Strain and stress (full/half/quarter bridge)


  • Charge

  • Temperature (thermocouples and RTDs)

  • LVDT

  • PWM (Pulse-width modulation)

Digital signals

Our patented SuperCounter® technology offers very accurate angle, speed, and RPM measurement. It is available in counter inputs that you find in almost every Dewesoft data acquisition system. Inputs are compatible with a variety of digital counter and encoder sensors and tacho probes. The counter measurements are perfectly synchronized with high-speed data from analog inputs.

  • Digital inputs

  • Counter sensors

  • Encoder sensors

  • Tacho probes

Bus and network interfaces

For vehicle testing and flight data recording, it is crucial to support the acquisition of modern automotive and aerospace data bus interfaces. Our data acquisition products can acquire data from all common vehicle interfaces in use today totally synchronized with analog and digital sensors. Our data acquisition products are unique on the market in the number of supported data interfaces.

  • CAN bus (OBD2, J1939, J1587, CAN FD)


  • FlexRay

  • SENT (SAE J2716)

  • LIN bus

  • Testbed AK-protocol


  • Lidar

  • IRIG 106 (Chapter 4, Chapter 10)

  • PCM telemetry and iNet

  • ARINC 429 and MIL-STD-1553

  • Ethernet

Other data sources

If you are working in an industrial environment, industry 4.0, and SCADA systems you will appreciate the connectivity of our data acquisition products. Our data acquisition system can easily connect or serve measurement data using standard data protocols. Or maybe is your desire to capture video along with the data from your sensors? Absolutely no problem.

  • Video (DirectX cameras, high-speed cameras, thermal IR cameras)

  • Serial communication

  • OPC UA

  • Siemens S7 protocol

  • Modbus

Cutting-edge signal conditioning technology

Dewesoft has always been an innovator in signal conditioning technology. Ten years ago we introduced signal amplifiers with DualCoreADC® technology. It utilized two 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs per channel that resulted in an amazing 160 dB dynamic range, perfect for high-dynamic measurements. These amplifiers are still widely in use today. But that hasn't stopped us from innovating and we introduced our latest signal conditioning technology called HybridADC®. Learn more about Dewesoft data acquisition technology.


High dynamic range

DualCoreADC® amplifiers deploy two 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs with an anti-aliasing filter on each analog channel, achieving an astonishing 160 dB dynamic range in time and frequency domain with a 200 kHz sampling rate per channel.

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High speed, high dynamic range, high bandwidth

Which ADC is better? SAR or Delta-sigma? With HybridADC® amplifiers, it doesn't matter anymore. Users can select the operation mode for each channel. High bandwidth mode (5 MHz up to 15 Ms/s) and High dynamic alias-free mode (up to 1 Ms/s @ <150 dB dynamic range).

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Counter measurement technology

Patented counter technology. Standard counters can output only integer numbers one sample later (e.g. 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4). SuperCounter can extract accurate values like 1.37, 1.87, 2.37, etc. synchronized for time and amplitude.

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Protection and signal quality

High channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground isolation (±1000 V) prevents damage to the systems from excessive voltage and avoids ground loops.

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Data interfaces

We offer DAQs with different data interfaces so you can choose the one that fits you best. Choose EtherCAT for distributable architecture or compatibility with 3rd party EtherCAT masters and USB for the highest acquisition rates.


Data output

In today's connected world it is crucial your data is available to the outside world. Our DAQs offer standard data output interfaces. Either served in real-time with low latency or served in a standard way.

Dewesoft DAQ Product Lines


Introducing SIRIUS® - Your Ultimate Data Acquisition Solution.

Experience the pinnacle of precision with our top-of-the-class data acquisition systems, SIRIUS®. These cutting-edge products are designed to excel in the most demanding measurement scenarios, requiring the highest levels of speed, accuracy, bandwidth, and flexibility. With a myriad of available signal amplifiers and capabilities, SIRIUS® truly stands as the most capable data acquisition system in existence.

Our versatile SIRIUS® data acquisition systems come in various forms and flavors, catering to both lab testing and field testing scenarios. Explore some of the available SIRIUS® DAQ products below.

SIRIUS® Modular
SIRIUS® Waterproof
SIRIUS® R2 and R4


Introducing KRYPTON® - Your Rugged Testing Workhorse.

When it comes to testing in harsh conditions, KRYPTON® data acquisition products are your ultimate solution. Designed to withstand heavy shocks, extreme temperatures (ranging from -40°C to +85°C), as well as dusty, muddy, and wet environments, these modules are built to last. With an IP67 environmental protection rating, you can rely on KRYPTON® DAQ to perform flawlessly in the most challenging conditions.

What sets KRYPTON® apart is its ruggedness and modularity. It's the go-to choice for those seeking a robust and easily distributable data acquisition system that can handle data, power, and synchronization through a single cable.

KRYPTON® modules


Introducing IOLITE® - Optimal Price-Performance Data Acquisition Systems.

IOLITE® data acquisition systems are the perfect blend of performance and affordability. While still providing excellent signal conditioning amplifiers, they manage to maintain a minimal price per channel. Versatile and adaptable, IOLITE systems can be utilized in various testing scenarios and come in either rack enclosures or modular distributed versions.

With a real-time EtherCAT bus and a redundant power supply, the IOLITE systems go beyond regular data acquisition. They can also serve as front-ends or feedback monitoring for real-time control systems, adding an extra dimension of functionality to their impressive capabilities. Discover the power and value of IOLITE for your data acquisition needs today!

IOLITE® Modular


Introducing OBSIDIAN® - Low-Power Embedded Data Acquisition and Data Logging Platform.

OBSIDIAN® is our latest product line, offering a versatile platform for low-power, embedded data acquisition and data logger products. These advanced data loggers are designed to run completely autonomously, powered by an embedded ARM and LINUX-based CPU. Thanks to the internal SSD storage and SD card expansion slot, loggers can operate without the need for an external computer, making them truly stand-alone data loggers.

The OBSIDIAN® chassis is compatible with all IOLITE® signal conditioning cards, providing you with the flexibility to tailor your data acquisition setup to your specific needs. With various I/O interfaces at your disposal, OBSIDIAN® seamlessly integrates into any data logger application, ensuring a seamless and efficient data collection experience.


Why Dewesoft DAQs?

Your investment in Dewesoft is protected for years to come. We are 100% owned by our employees who live and strive for the same mission and goal - to revolutionize the measurement industry by developing innovative solutions that are tailored to our customer's needs. We are committed to our customers and everything we do, we do because of you. Not convinced yet? See Dewesoft benefits.

We Listen to You

Our products are the result of working and collaborating with you - our customer. We have worked in every application area imaginable. We've been on race tracks, space shuttle launches, airplanes, and trains. We know how you work and think. We listen to your wishes. We understand the test and measurement world and your application requirements. We guarantee to provide the tools that will save you time and money.

Great Support

We offer free technical support. Online and offline. Our engineers take an individual approach to solving your problems. We know that providing the best technical support is one of the most important things to you. And it is to us too... With our worldwide support network, you will get the right support in time and most importantly, where it matters the most to you. Get support immediately.

Best Software Licensing

We offer the industry's first no-hidden costs software licensing. When you buy our data acquisition systems, the software is always included. There are no hidden costs, renewals, or upgrade contracts in place. Updates to our software are free forever. Period. We also offer a completely free and unlimited software license for recorded data files. Anyone can review and analyze data by simply downloading our software. No additional licensing is needed.


Our data acquisition software and hardware work seamlessly together. They are designed to work hand in hand. This greatly shortens time-to-result. Our engineers go into great detail to push the limits of what is possible. We make sure there are no complex configuration and connection hassles. Connect, measure, and analyze in seconds.


Your analysis may be inaccurate or even completely wrong if the data is not correctly synchronized. You won't issue this problem with Dewesoft. Dewesoft DAQ devices are always synchronized in nanosecond accuracy while other devices usually achieve only millisecond accuracy. No matter from what source and at what speed data comes from. Your data will always be perfectly synchronized.

Quality Control

Our hardware and software are made in Europe. We design, develop, manufacture, and calibrate our data acquisition products in-house in our state-of-the-art development, manufacturing, and testing facilities. We have our own machining center, testing lab, pick and place line, and everything else under our own control. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company.

7-Year Warranty

Great quality control is not where our solution ends. We know that quality is not just what we put into the product, but what you get out of it. We understand that your work depends on the reliability of your tools. So we are putting money where our mouth is. We offer an industry-leading warranty of 7 years. Our warranty covers that the instruments will function as promised for a period of 7 years from the day of the delivery. You receive a product of the best quality, performance, and efficiency.

Award Winners

We have received multiple international awards for hardware and software innovations. That includes the Product of the year award from NASA's Tech Briefs magazine as well as the Software innovation of the year award from Automotive Testing International magazine. We continue to innovate on all levels and work very hard to keep our products innovative and easy to use.

One Software

One of our core strategies is "One software for all test applications". You benefit greatly from this vision. Invest into learning only one software package no matter the test you do. DewesoftX software packs everything into one easy-to-use software package. Data recording and signal processing are made easy within the same software package. This again saves more of your time and money.

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