About Us - We Are Dewesoft!

Test equipment that simplifies the advancement of humanity.

Dewesoft is here to challenge and change the world of measurement technology. We develop customer-focused test and measurement solutions by always thinking differently and pushing ourselves above the highest standards. It all started with simple idea which has now grown into global success serving measurement solutions to world's leading brands.


We support you with our own people and offices around the world.

Why work with us?

Because we own our company and we do things differently.

Employee owned

We are in control. We are 100% employee-owned and protected by outside acquisitions. We rely on our people, their skills, energy, and commitment. We are independent and plan to remain so. You can rely on us.

Made in EU

Our entire product portfolio is designed and manufactured in the heart of the European Union in our Slovenian headquarters. We work with the highest quality standards (ISO 9001 and 140001 certified).


We believe in the quality of our products. Dewesoft is the only player in the test and measurement market that offers a 7-year warranty on our hardware products. Your investment is thus protected for years.

Customer first

The majority of our products and technologies have been developed through close cooperation with you - our customers. We listen to your request and we are fast to implement them.

Self financed

Dewesoft is completely self-financed with the Bisnode credit rating of AAA. We are a financially stable company. 90% of our yearly gross profit goes into research and development and new manufacturing capacities.

Free support

We offer free worldwide and local support. There are no support contracts in place. If you have a problem, get in touch with us and our people will take care of you.

Free software

Our software is FREE and included with every piece of hardware. You own the software and have free lifetime upgrades. No maintenance fees. Simply download the new version and you are good to go.


Beyond ourselves

We recognize passion in people and nurture it even beyond our walls.

That's why we built a community of startups and enabled them to chase their dreams. In our business accelerator Katapult we host prodigies that don't necessarily share our line of work but they share our vision - to create, to innovate, to advance.

We share our own R&D, manfacturing and testing infrastructure to the startups so it is easier for them to develop their prototypes. Our employees mentor and guide new eneterpreneurs. We offer all our know-how and logistics and just about everything esle that we learned on our business path.

The enthusiasm and the energy of these entepreneurial individuals that souround us is not only rewarding but is also something that gives us the energy to innovate. It creates an incredibly innovative environment and creative energy that propels us all further.

Beyond tomorrow

Technology campus of tomorrow

We are already looking into the future and building a technology campus for the next generation of innovators. A 40.000 square meters facility will be sustainable and will host all the R&D and manufacturing facilities from Dewesoft. It will be open to anyone - startups, individuals, and educational institutions - anyone with the passion to create and change the world for the better. Our vision is to become a center of creativity and innovation. The City of Acrobats.