Ground and Airborne Vehicle Testing and Analysis Solutions

Hi-end solutions for vehicle performance, vehicle dynamics, vehicle durability, combustion, electric and hybrid engine testing, components testing, and more.

Ground and Airborne Vehicle Testing and Analysis Solutions from Dewesoft

Unique range of supported data interfaces (Analog, Digital, Counter, CAN, CAN FD, OBDII, J1393, XCP/CCP, FlexRay, Kistler Wheels, Video, GPS + RTK, Inertial Navigation, etc.) with pin-point synchronization offers an all-in-one solution for all kinds of vehicles, from passenger cars, autonomous cars, trucks, heavy machinery, ships, and airborne vehicles.

The entire data acquisition process, from data recording, analysis, and visualization to online validation and reporting is performed within a single, easy-to-use, award-winning data acquisition software. Our fully integrated, plug-and-play and fail-safe data acquisition systems make sure you get your measurements right the first time.

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