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SIRIUS® R8High-channel-count data acquisition (DAQ) system

SIRIUS® R8 is a high-channel-count data acquisition system with up to 128 analog input channels. It is equipped with high-end signal conditioning amplifiers for almost every sensor and signal. The system features a built-in powerful processing computer with reliable SSD storage and a myriad of modern connection interfaces.

Award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software is included for free. The system comes with an industry-leading 7-year warranty.







High Voltage

High Voltage

Strain and Stress

Strain and Stress

Full Bridge

Full Bridge

Half Bridge

Half Bridge

Quarter Bridge

Quarter Bridge









Analog out

Analog out

Counter and Encoder

Counter and Encoder



DSI compatible

DSI compatible

TEDS compatible

TEDS compatible

CAN bus

CAN bus





Galvanic isolation ±1000 V

Galvanic isolation ±1000 V







Touch screen

Touch screen

Full HD

Full HD







USB 2.0

USB 2.0

USB 3.0

USB 3.0



-10°C to +50°C

-10°C to +50°C



SIRIUS® R8 highlights

High-End Signal Conditioning

This data acquisition system is built around SIRIUS DAQ technology and features the same versatile and powerful amplifiers for world-leading signal conditioning. See the SIRIUS product page for a detailed SIRIUS DAQ technology overview.

All-In-One Instrument

R8 instruments are high channel count, standalone DAQ systems with built-in powerful data processing computer, SSD data logging capabilities, touch-screen LED display (R8D and R8DB), and internal Li-Ion batteries (R8B/R8DB) for maximum portability. 

128 Analog Inputs

Systems can be configured with up 128 high-dynamic analog input channels. Select between various signal conditioning amplifiers for voltage, current, IEPE, charge, strain, LVDT, thermocouple, RTD, and resistance signals.

64 Counter Channels

Systems can be configured with up to 64 counter/encoder/tacho input channels or 192 digital input channels. All counter inputs are equipped with our patented SuperCounter® technology that enables the best resolution for angle and speed measurement.

Up to 27 Isolated CAN Ports

SIRIUS R8DB system can be configured with up to 27 high-speed CAN 2.0b channels. CAN channels feature 1 Mbit/s data throughput with additional support for CCP, OBDII, J1939, and CAN output.

Up to 64 Analog Outputs

R8/R8B can be configured with up to 64 analog outputs and can function as a multi-channel function generator, analog replay, or control device with the output voltage signal of ±10V.

EtherCAT Expansion Port

DAQ system includes EtherCAT master port with built-in synchronization for easy connection and extension of any of our EtherCAT-based DAQ systems like KRYPTON, IOLITE, or SIRIUSe DAQ systems.

Connectivity Interfaces

The built-in computer includes modern connectivity interfaces such as Wireless LAN (WiFi), dual gigabit LAN, USB 3.0, GPS/GNSS, HDMI, EtherCAT and synchronization are available.

100 Hz GPS With RTK

We can integrate an optional 10Hz or 100Hz GNSS receiver directly into the DAQ system. This enables precise GPS positioning for navigational testing applications. GNSS receivers offer optional RTK support which can improve the positioning accuracy down to 1 cm.

Software included

Every Dewesoft data acquisition system is bundled with award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software. The software is easy to use but very rich and deep in functionality. All software updates are free forever with no hidden licensing or yearly maintenance fees.

Dewesoft quality and 7-year warranty

Enjoy our industry-leading 7-year warranty. Our data acquisition systems are made in Europe, utilizing only the highest build quality standards. We offer free and customer-focused technical support. Your investment into the Dewesoft solutions is protected for years ahead.

SIRIUS® R8 high-channel-count data acquisition system

SIRIUS® R8 is a high-channel-count analog data acquisition system for the most demanding test and measurement applications. It features high-end signal conditioning amplifiers with the latest ADC technologies.

SIRIUS® R8 systems can be configured with up to:

  • 128 analog input channels

  • 192 digital input channels

  • 64 counter/encoder channels

  • 72 CAN bus input channels

  • 64 analog output channels

All channels can be configured in one compact and rugged main frame chassis. SIRIUS® R8 is one of the most compact data acquisition systems on the market with a high number of input channels. 

If that are not enough channels, multiple R8 DAQ systems can be connected and synchronized together to form larger DAQ systems with thousands of channels using Dewesoft NET technology. 

SIRIUS® R8 systems have been installed in test beds, rocket launch platforms, vehicles on proving grounds, ships, and just everywhere else. If you need a rugged, reliable, high-channel-count all-in-one DAQ system, SIRIUS® R8 instruments are the best option on the market. Period.

SIRIUS® R8R for extreme ruggedness

SIRIUS® R8 data acquisition system is built inside an extremely rugged aluminum chassis. It is tested to work in all sorts of testing scenarios. 

If you need an even more rugged version we also provide an upgraded main-frame chassis called SIRIUS® R8R. It is designed to work in most shock and vibration testing environments. The SIRIUS® R8R chassis can withstand 3 gRMS random vibrations for 10 minutes in each direction, suitable for applications like rocket launch pad installation.

Powerful SBOX computer built-in

SIRIUS® R8 and R8R data acquisition systems are equipped with a powerful SBOXre computer. The computers are powered by the 11th gen. Intel® Core i5 CPU. The CPU is powerful enough even for the most demanding signal-processing tasks

SBOX computer is equipped with 32 GB of memory and is optionally upgradeable to 48 GB. A fast internal SSD drive and removable SSD drive provide reliable storage for long-term and high-speed data recording.

The SBOX computer is also equipped with modern connectivity interfaces:

  • Network interfaces: 2x GLAN, 1x WLAN.

  • USB 3.0: 4x USB 3.0 ports for data acquisition devices like SIRIUS, DEWE-43A, and peripherals like mouse, keyboard, printers, and external hard drives.

  • EtherCAT expansion port: for expanding input channels with any of our EtherCAT-based data acquisition systems such as KRYPTON, IOLITE, or SIRIUSe.

  • HDMI video: for connecting an external display.

  • GPS/GNSS receiver (optional): 10 Hz or 100 Hz GNSS receiver with an option to connect external GPS display or to an RTK base station.

EtherCAT® expansion port

SBOX is also equipped with an EtherCAT® slave port which can be used to expand and distribute additional analog channels by connecting any of our EtherCAT®-based data acquisition modules such as KRYPTON or SIRIUSe.

EtherCAT® port includes a built-in hardware synchronization hub for synchronization of all the connected EtherCAT® devices with the internal analog channels. Only one cable is needed to daisy chain the units. The single cable is used for data, synchronization, and power to all extended EtherCAT® devices.

SIRIUS® signal conditioning technology

Data acquisition systems are built around our world-class SIRIUS® signal conditioning technology and offer the same top-performing technologies:

  • DualCoreADC® technology: high-dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

  • SuperCounter® technology: high-speed synchronized angle and speed measurement.

  • Galvanic isolation: channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground isolation for best signal quality and safety.

Note: galvanic isolation does not apply to SIRIUS mini and MINITAURs instruments.

Available signal amplifiers

SIRIUS® data acquisition systems offer different signal conditioning amplifiers grouped into three main amplifier families.

DualCoreADC® amplifiers

High dynamic range inputs (160dB)

These amplifiers feature dual 24-bit Delta-sigma ADC. Each channel amplifier has two A/D converters that measure the high and the low gain of the input signal in parallel. This results in the full possible measuring range of the sensor and prevents the signal from being clipped. 

With DualCoreADC technology, SIRIUS data acquisition systems achieve more than 130 dB signal-to-noise ratio and more than 160 dB in dynamic range. This is 20x better than 24-bit DAQ systems and 20x less noise.

Each channel is capable of acquiring the input signal at a 200 kS/s sampling rate.

High-density (HD) amplifiers

Same Speed. More Channels. Optimized Price. 

High-density (HD) amplifiers are built with the same dual 24-bit Delta-sigma ADC with an anti-aliasing filter and 200 kS/s sampling rate per channel. The main difference to DualCoreADC® amplifiers is that HD amplifiers use each of the two Delta-sigma ADCs as separate input and thus double the number of input channels while still keeping great signal-to-noise and dynamic range specs.

SIRIUS high-density signal conditioning cards thus offer double the input channels (16 analog channels) in the same chassis enclosure. These modules offer the best price-per-channel-to-performance ratio.

High-speed (HS) amplifiers

16-bit SAR ADC with high-speed sampling

SIRIUS® high-speed (HS) amplifiers are equipped with 16-bit SAR ADC. They offer high bandwidth and acquisition rates of up to 1 MS/s sample rate per channel. These amplifiers are suitable for recording fast transients and for applications where a high sampling rate is a must (such as power analysis).

The SIRIUS® modules with high-speed (HS) signal conditioning amplifiers are available in 8 analog input channel configurations.

DualCoreADC® amplifiers (8 analog channels per slice, Dual 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC, 200 kS/s/channel)
ACCExt. shunt
CHGExt. shunt
MIC200Ext. shunt
High-density (HD) amplifiers (16 analog channels per slice, 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC, 200 kS/s/channel)
ACCExt. shunt
High-speed (HS) amplifiers (8 analog channels per slice, 16-bit SAR ADC, 1 MS/s/channel)
ACCExt. shunt
CHGExt. shunt

*DSI = Dewesoft Sensor Interface. Learn more about DSI adapters.

See full SIRIUS technical specifications for detailed specs about the SIRIUS DAQ systems and its amplifiers.

DualCoreADC® signal conditioning technology

The DualCoreADC® technology solves often-faced problems with signal measurement:

  • signal input overload,

  • noise, and

  • artificial frequencies in the signal caused by aliasing.

The input signal can be higher than expected by the signal conditioner (out-of-range) and therefore clipped by the ADC. This will result in an incorrect measurement and will require you to repeat the test all over again.

DualCoreADC technology prevents these problems. Each channel amplifier has two A/D converters that measure the high and the low gain of the input signal in parallel. This results in the full possible measuring range of the sensor and prevents the signal from being clipped. 

With DualCoreADC technology, SIRIUS data acquisition systems achieve more than 130 dB signal-to-noise ratio and more than 160 dB in dynamic range. This is 20x better than 24-bit DAQ systems and 20x less noise.

Channel-to-channel galvanic isolation

SIRIUS DAQ devices offer high galvanic channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground isolation (±1000 V). The DAQ systems even offer isolated sensor excitation.

With such isolation, we have no problem measuring high voltage potentials and no problem with common-mode voltages. We are also safe with measurements like vibrations, temperatures, or any other measurement where non-isolated sensors are placed next to the high voltage potential against the DAQ system ground. In such cases, a non-isolated DAQ system would burn or at least give faulty wrong results. With SIRIUS it is just one thing less to worry about.

Digital isolation has another big advantage - preserving the frequency bandwidth of the amplifiers. SIRIUS provides "worry-free" measurements, less noise, no ground loops, and the best possible signal quality.

For less demanding measurement and lower-cost applications, SIRIUS DAQs are also available in a differential version where only power supply isolation is offered.

SuperCounters®: precise speed and angle measurement with counter and encoder sensors

Dewesoft data acquisition systems utilize a patented and registered trademark technology called SuperCounter®.

Counter inputs can measure the RPM and angle of rotating machines. In comparison to standard counters, which only output integer numbers one sample later (e.g. 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4), the Dewesoft SuperCounter inputs are able to extract accurate values like 1.37, 1.87, 2.37, etc. fully synchronized for time and amplitude.

This is done by measuring the exact time of the rising edge of the signal with an additional counter. Our SuperCounter inputs work on a 102.4 MHz time base, independent of the current analog sampling rate.

Counter inputs are fully synchronized with analog, CAN bus, and other data sources to enable easy applications like balancing, order tracking, and torsional vibrations.

External calibration reference

SIRIUS® R8 systems feature optional calibration reference input. External calibration reference can be connected via a single BNC connector on the rear side of the system. It can be switched in the software to all input channels at once to check the amplifier performance and accuracy.

Please note: check your local sales office for information on which SIRIUS® amplifiers have the support for external cal reference.

Analog Out

SIRIUS® R8 system can be configured with up to 64 analog output channels. These output channels can function in any of the following modes:

  • stand-alone digital signal amplifier,

  • multi-channel function generator for modal/shaker control,

  • control channels or

  • a replay of the analog data.

To learn more visit the SIRIUS DAQ system page for a detailed description of individual modes. 

For the real-time low-latency output and control capability we offer SIRIUS R8rt data acquisition and control system. R8rt is a unique solution on the market. It has an additional real-time EtherCAT bus and can feed data to any 3rd party EtherCAT master controller for real-time control. Please visit the SIRIUS RT page to learn more.

Analog Output Modes

The analog outputs on SIRIUS can be configured and used with one of the following modes of operation.

Function Generator

The DewesoftX software offers a multi-channel function generator. Together with the SIRIUS analog out hardware options it can generate and output signals like sine, triangle, rectangle, saw, or even an arbitrary table. The generated signal can be continuous or in a sweep, step sweep, burst, and other modes. A lot of fine-tuning can be done in the function generator during the measurement in real-time.

Function generator on SIRIUS can be an excellent way to excite vibration shakers​​​​​​​ or any other device requiring simple analog input signals.

Standalone Signal Conditioning

With this mode, you can use the SIRIUS data acquisition systems as a pure, standalone signal conditioner. No DewesoftX software or USB connection to a PC is required. Any physical input signal is converted directly to an analog output voltage signal of max. ±10 V.


  • Any analog input is possible

  • Signal conditioning: scaling, offset, gain

  • Redundant DAQ system: simple mathematic functions

  • Standalone operation possible

Control Channels

DewesoftX software features control channels that allow any SIRIUS data acquisition device with analog output to directly access its analog outputs and manually assign a value in real-time during the measurement. 

The control channels mode can be used for controlling peripheral hardware with actions like Start, Stop, Pause, Freeze, Store, Trigger, Screen event, Keyboard even, and many more. Choose out of many different instruments like vertical and horizontal slider bar, turning knob, buttons, edit box, etc.

File Replay to Analog

When your measurement data is recorded you can replay your data file and output the conditioned channels on the SIRIUS analog out channels. This feature is useful for post-processing and analysis or to feed the data to a 3rd party testbed and simulate e.g. the vibrations during a test drive. Please note that this is not a 0 latency output.

For real-time data feed to a 3rd party EtherCAT master controller SIRIUS DAQ systems also offer Dual Mode capability. Dual-mode gives the ability to feed data to a 3rd party controller in real-time with very low latency. This is enabled through all SIRIUS devices with EtherCAT port.

Real-time, low-latency data output

We offer an "RT" (real-time) version of SIRIUS® data acquisition systems. These systems include a secondary EtherCAT® data bus on the back side of the instrument. This data bus can be used to output reduced rate data in parallel in real-time to any 3rd party EtherCAT® masters.

The real-time EtherCAT® bus is available on the following SIRIUS systems:

  • SIRIUS® modular EtherCAT®

  • SIRIUS® R2, R2-HUB

  • SIRIUS® R4, R4-HUB

  • SIRIUS® R8

To learn more about SIRIUS® RT instruments and our unique dual-mode operation please visit the SIRIUS® RT systems product page.

Integrated GNSS positioning with RTK correction

SBOX computers can optionally be equipped with a 10 Hz or 100 Hz GNSS receiver for precise position measurement applications. GNSS receivers can optionally also be configured to support RTK correction (Real-Time Kinematics).

GNSS receiver option will transform your data acquisition system and makes it ideal for precise position-based test and measurement applications. The RTK correction option will improve the positioning accuracy down to 1 cm.

SBOX with GNSS receiver will transform the data acquisition system into a powerful automotive data logger for advanced position-based test and measurement applications such as:

  • Brake testing

  • ADAS testing

  • Pass-by-noise

  • Vehicle dynamics

  • Road load data

  • and others.


Award-Winning Data Acquisition Software Included for Free

Dewesoft data acquisition systems are bundled with award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software. It is the world's most advanced and easy-to-use data recording and signal processing software. Software and hardware work together like magic. It offers simplicity as well as deep functionality to tackle any test and measurement task.

And the best part? You get lifetime FREE software updates and technical support. Software is evolving all the time. New major releases are released every 3 months constantly adding new features, optimizations, and other improvements. There are no hidden costs and will remain free forever.

Plug and Play

Connecting the DAQ system and sensors could not be faster or easier. DewesoftX software will automatically detect the connected DAQ systems and TEDS-equipped sensors will configure the channel configuration automatically. Features like:

  • Hardware auto-detection.

  • Smart sensors.

  • Sensor database.

  • Advanced TEDS sensor support.

  • Built-in unit conversion.

  • Real-time signal preview.

  • Wiring schematics.

will make you ready for measurement in seconds. Spend less time configuring your DAQ hardware and be more productive. Time is money!

Measure and Store

Powerful storing capabilities with more than 500 MB/s sustained stream rates mean you can always store data at full speed and never again worry about losing data that could compromise your tests. DewesoftX storing features offer:

  • Real-time data acquisition.

  • Synchronized acquisition of analog, counter, video, GPS, CAN bus, and many other sources.

  • Advanced triggering and alarms.

  • Single or multi-file storage.

  • Remote and distributed network storing.

  • Automated test sequences.

Even if you store gigabytes of data, our innovative data file format​​​​​​​ will ensure you can reload and analyze your data as fast as in a blink of an eye.

Analyse and Publish

NVH, structural testing, power analysis, and more. Forget about using several complex software solutions to record and analyze your data. DewesoftX offers one-stop shop for all test and measurement tasks. Our software offers:

  • Online and offline mathematics.

  • Flexible real-time visual displays.

  • Synchronized video support.

  • PDF and Word reporting tools.

  • Data export to many standard file formats.

  • Unlimited FREE licens seats to view and analyze stored data.

DewesoftX is designed with the mindset of a test engineer and offers a complete testing solution in a single software package that is easy and joy to use.

Lifetime Free Updates

We are offering no-bluff or hidden cost licensing model for our data acquisition software. A new major version is released every three months bringing new features, performance boosts, bugfixes, with no additional cost to you. All updates for our existing users are free forever.

Unlimited License Seats

Our licensing model offers unlimited seats for analysing the recorded data. The recorded data file will bundle the license. Simply share data file with your colleagues and they can download software for free and ready to fully analyze the data. No additional licenses are needed.

Free Technical Support

We are putting our customers first. Free worldwide technical support is available for our DAQ software and hardware. Our technical support team is responsive and will attend to every support request and solve it in the fastest possible manner. Local technical support in our local offices is also available for you at no extra cost.

Lovedby Many Engineers

I wanted to personally write to you and tell you how impressed I am with Dewesoft products. The whole Dewesoft team impressed me as extremely happy, smart, and dedicated.

The combination of software, hardware, and the Polygon plugin is really great. And on top of that, we can use it for so many things. This is just what we have been looking for!

It has been a long day, but before going home I wanted to say few things. Thank you from the bottom of my engineer heart and in the name of OneSubsea for what you did today! Yesterday at 10 PM I sent you an email asking for urgent help on a Saturday morning. 30 minutes later you replied you would come. This morning you were 5 people involved in resolving the issue. I have never experienced such customer service! Thanks again, customer service matters a lot to us, and today's response blew me away.

I think I mentioned in previous emails how Dewesoft has mushroomed here, but even I didn't know how much. I was informed today that the data was being reviewed by up 50 to 60 different centers, along with NASA personnel as high as the manager of the entire Space Shuttle program.

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