Acoustic Measurement / Sound and Noise Testing Solutions

We offer easy to use, yet advanced products for acoustics testing to accurately measure and characterize sound and noise emissions on your products. Our one-stop acoustic test solution covers all essential sound measurement applications such as Sound Level, Sound Power, Sound QualitySound Intensity, Octave Band Analysis, and Reverberation Time RT60.

All acoustic tests are performed according to the international standards and supported by reference and accurate sound and acoustic calibration services. We put in extra effort and care to make you the trusted partner in the acoustic analysis.

Acoustic and Noise Testing Solutions

Noise and sound have become critical marketing factors for many products. Indeed, they are often key product differentiators. Too much or to little noise or the wrong sound profile can affect consumer perception and acceptance of a particular brand. Moreover, manufacturers must comply with strict noise legislation and labeling requirements, and document the methods used to determine the data. Therefore, when designing product sound and noise emission it is essential to take into account not only objective parameters but also the user’s own subjective perceptions.

We provide a complete range of very flexible data acquisition systems for sound measurement and recording with compatibility for any microphone or vibration sensor. Award-winning Dewesoft X data acquisition software perfectly contemplates our DAQ hardware and brings simplicity and usability to sound analysis and to the hands of every test engineer.

Our acoustic testing solutions are backed by free technical support from our group of acoustic testing application engineers. No matter the challenge you face, our experts' knowledge is always available to you which makes Dewesoft a future-proof partner for all your noise tests.

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