Drivers and firmware

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NameDescriptionLanguageVersionFile typePublished atDownload
Dewesoft CUDA installerStandalone installer package, that installs the necessary CUDA support libraries (v. 11.1) in order to enable the Nvidia GPU acceleration in DewesoftX.english11.1exe4/11/2023Download
Dewesoft USB driver v3.3Signed drivers (ver. 3.3, released 10/08/2014) for all Dewesoft USB devices. The drivers are for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 32 and 64 bit OS.english3.3zip4/11/2023Download
Dewesoft USB driver v3.4Signed drivers (ver. 3.4, released 10/12/2019) for all Dewesoft USB devices. The drivers are for Microsoft Windows Win10 32 and 64 bit OS.english3.4zip4/11/2023Download
DS-GYRO3, DS-CAL2 USB driverDriver for connecting DS-GYRO3 or DS-CAL2 device.english/zip4/11/2023Download
DS-IMU1 firmwareFirmware package version v6400 for DS-IMU1 inertial navigation system.english6400zip4/11/2023Download
DS-IMU2 firmwareFirmware package for DS-IMU2 inertial navigation systemenglish/zip4/11/2023Download
DS-IMU USB driverRS232 to USB driver for DS-IMU1 and DS-IMU2 devicesenglish/zip10/4/2023Download
EthercatDAQ Filter DriverSigned drivers (ver. 0.92 / 28/10/2019) for all Dewesoft EtherCAT devices. Works on Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64 bit OS). Works only with Dewesoft X2 SP8 or newer. Warning: Please uninstall the old EthercatDAQ driver version before installing the new one.english0.92zip4/11/2023Download
Firmware upgrade guideInstructions to upgrade firmware from Dewesoft X3 or higher using Dewesoft Upgrade pack (.dxu)englishpdf4/11/2023Download
Firmware upgrade package
The up-to-date firmware upgrade package includes firmware for all types of Dewesoft devices (USB and EtherCAT). For help with the firmware upgrade, please follow our guide. For older firmware packages, please use our public Google Drive folder or contact us.
MOB-DISP-10 touch screen driverTouch screen drivers for MOB-DISP-10 monitor for Windows operating systems.english/zip4/11/2023Download
OptoStream ViewerDriver for using GigE cameras in DewesoftX data acquisition software.english1.3.2.2pdf7/17/2023Download
Topcon GNSS FirmwareFirmware for Topcon GNSSenglish/zip4/11/2023Download