Drivers and firmware

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NameDescriptionLanguageVersionFile typePublished atDownload
Dewesoft CUDA installerStandalone installer package, that installs the necessary CUDA support libraries (v. 11.1) in order to enable the Nvidia GPU acceleration in DewesoftX.english11.1exe4/11/2023Download
Dewesoft USB driver v3.3Signed drivers (ver. 3.3, released 10/08/2014) for all Dewesoft USB devices. The drivers are for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 32 and 64 bit OS.english3.3zip4/11/2023Download
Dewesoft USB driver v3.4Signed drivers (ver. 3.4, released 10/12/2019) for all Dewesoft USB devices. The drivers are for Microsoft Windows Win10 32 and 64 bit OS.english3.4zip4/11/2023Download
DS-GYRO3, DS-CAL2 USB driverDriver for connecting DS-GYRO3 or DS-CAL2 device.english/zip4/11/2023Download
DS-IMU1 firmwareFirmware package version v6400 for DS-IMU1 inertial navigation system.english6400zip4/11/2023Download
DS-IMU2 firmwareFirmware package for DS-IMU2 inertial navigation systemenglish/zip4/11/2023Download
DS-IMU USB driverRS232 to USB driver for DS-IMU1 and DS-IMU2 devicesenglish/zip10/4/2023Download
EthercatDAQ Filter DriverSigned drivers (ver. 0.92 / 28/10/2019) for all Dewesoft EtherCAT devices. Works on Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64 bit OS). Works only with Dewesoft X2 SP8 or newer. Warning: Please uninstall the old EthercatDAQ driver version before installing the new one.english0.92zip4/11/2023Download
Firmware upgrade guideInstructions to upgrade firmware from Dewesoft X3 or higher using Dewesoft Upgrade pack (.dxu)englishpdf4/11/2023Download
Firmware upgrade packageThe up-to-date firmware upgrade package includes firmware for all types of Dewesoft devices (USB and EtherCAT).english/zip4/11/2023Download
MOB-DISP-10 touch screen driverTouch screen drivers for MOB-DISP-10 monitor for Windows operating systems.english/zip4/11/2023Download
OptoStream ViewerDriver for using GigE cameras in DewesoftX data acquisition software.english1.3.2.2pdf7/17/2023Download
Topcon GNSS FirmwareFirmware for Topcon GNSSenglish/zip4/11/2023Download