Carsten Frederiksen

Saturday, April 8, 2023 · 0 min read

Brake Test Testbed


The customer, a Chinese vehicle manufacturer, is in the process of developing a new type of vehicle. They want to make some tests for their new brake system in the brake test bed. They want to measure the brake line pressure values of four wheels when they brake at different speeds.

Brake testbed

Measurement setup

Data acquisition system


  • Kistler CPFTA (Brake Force Sensor)

Kistler CPFTA sensor
  • Kistler WP-500 (Brake Displacement Sensor)

Kistler WP-500 sensor
  • KELLER 21Y (Brake Line Pressure)

KELLER 21Y sensor


The brake line pressure sensors and the brake force sensor have been installed and connected to the analog input channels of the DEWE-43 data acquisition system.

Brake testbed instrumentation


The testing engineers chose the measured value that they focus on, and put them in the measure view.

Here we can see the brake line pressure value of the four wheels (FL, FR, RL, RR), the brake pedal force and displacement.

Brake testbed analysis

At the same time, the customer also wants to watch the CAN messages from the ECU controller of their test bed.

With the DEWE-43 data acquisition hardware and Dewesoft X software, it has been very easy to fulfill the needs. 

Brake test bed analysis


The measurement of the brake testbed has been successful. The customer has collected several data groups at different speeds (80 km/h, 70 km/h, 60 km/h…).

They can find the relationship between the brake line pressure and brake force, speed from the measurement value and curve, and they also can watch the CAN messages from the ECU at the same time.

This helps them to improve their brake system.