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Carsten Frederiksen

Technical writer at Dewesoft

Born in 1958, Carsten Frederiksen is a Danish journalist and librarian living in Copenhagen. He has among others been working in Danish professional library organizations as an international secretary dealing with professional matters, such as new technologies, copyright, and professional development. This included lecturing as well as organizing conferences and training. In the mid-90's he headed the Danish professions transition to adapt computer technology and the Internet.

He has been employed by IFLA, the International Federation of Library Associations establishing an office for freedom of information and freedom of speech. In the early 2000’s he several times in Kosovo engaged by UNESCO and the Council of Europe. Here, the missions were to assess the destruction of libraries and propose a plan for reconstruction, propose a draft for a library law, and mediate between the conflicting ethnic professionals.  

He has also worked in communication and marketing as a writer and editor of professional newsletters, handbooks, and reports. He has been a freelance editor and translator of books for more Danish publishing houses. Since then, he has worked for more than 10 years with sales-related marketing at the Danish company Brüel & Kjær serving distributors in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

In 2018 he was hired by Dewesoft as part of the marketing team with the special responsibility to generate stories, to show use cases and applications – in short, to tell the world about the company and what it can do.