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Download Dewesoft Customer Case Study Booklets

We give you 34 real-life customer stories – check out our booklets with case studies. These stories show how our customers did their jobs with a little help from some Dewesoft friends.

Each of the four booklets is focusing on a specific industry or field of applications: Power & Energy, Aerospace, Automotive, and Monitoring.

Power & energy applications

Download power & energy case study booklet

Dewesoft power and energy case studies

It’s all about power, grid, reactors, generators, engines, and appliances. Switch and vibration testing on high-voltage reactor, biogas engine testing, DAQ integration on testbed, power inverter testing, electric household appliance testing, diesel generator certification, and performance and powertrain measurements on marine vehicles.

High-Voltage Switch Testing With SynchronizerLearn how Dewesoft DAQ system and Power Analysis solution worked for checking the switching function of an old synchronous high-voltage circuit breaker.
Biogas Engine Testing and Parameter OptimizationSee how Power UP GmbH uses the Dewesoft combustion engine analyzer solution is used for biogas engine testing and parameter optimization.
Dewesoft Data Acquisition (DAQ) Integration with KS Tornado TestbedLearn how Elin Motoren continuously got the vibration data from Dewesoft hardware and software into the Tornado testbeds via TCP/IP by a Dewesoft plugin.
Testing Power Inverters and Motor Terminal IssuesLearn how our power analyzers with high bandwidth voltage and current measurements are used to troubleshoot electric motor and inverter terminal issues.
Electric Household Appliance TestingLearn how BSH is utilizing our DAQ systems for voltage, current, and temperature measurements to test household appliances and perform power analysis.
ISO 8528 Certification of Diesel Generators: Noise, Vibration, and Temperature MeasurementsDewesoft data acquisition systems are used to measure diesel generators for ISO 8528-1:2005 certification standards for sound, vibration, and temperature.
Performance Testing and Measurement on Electric BoatsDewesoft power analyzer & data acquisition system was used for performance testing and measurement of Alfastreet Marine electric boat. See the case study.
Electric Powertrain Measurement on HydrofoilDewesoft set up the measurement of both the DC and the AC part of the Q2 powertrain to measure the efficiency and quality of power conversion of the brushless motor power inverter.

Aerospace applications

Download aerospace case study booklet

Dewesoft aerospace case studies

Fly into space with NASA, ESA, ISRO, DCTA... Structural testing of a rocket nose cone, vibration monitoring on crawler core systems, DAQ and control on launcher booster test bench, performance measurement on hybrid rocket engine, RPS for telemetry processing station, and spaceplane TPS fitting and bonding control.

Integrated Signal Conditioner for Aerospace Propulsion ResearchLearn how ISRO replaced its outdated measurement system with a precision DAQ system for mission-critical applications in aerospace research.
Structural Testing of Rocket Nose Cone Using Sine ProcessingBrazilian space institute DCTA is using Dewesoft sine processing solution to perform structural dynamic test of rocket nose. Read case study to learn more.
Structural Vibration Monitoring on the NASA's Crawler Transporter Core SystemsLearn how Dewesoft replaced old DAQs for vibration monitoring on NASA's Crawler Transporter core systems that require precise time synchronization.
Rocket Engine Test on the ESA's Test Bench For Large Solid Propellant BoostersDewesoft data acquisition and control systems were used on the test bench for testing ARIANE VI rocket propellant boosters. Read the entire case study.
Measuring the Performance of a Hybrid Rocket EngineSee how company Spacelink tested and validated the new SL-2 hybrid rocket engine propulsion system using the Dewesoft data acquisition (DAQ) systems.
NASA PCM Telemetry Processing StationDewesoft and NASA have developed a modern real-time telemetry system capable of monitoring several hundred thousand parameters in real-time.
Spaceplane Thermal Protection System (TPS) Fitting and Bonding ControlSee how Dewesoft data acquisition systems are used to perform fitting and bonding control of the thermal protection system on the Dream Chaser space plane.

Automotive applications

Download automotive case study booklet

Dewesoft automotive case studies

All kinds of vehicles, cars, buses, tractors, race cars… Durability and road load measurement, combustion analysis and performance tuning, race car temperature measurement, airbag ECU bracket inertance measurement, car seat crash testing, brake direction stability testing, pulling sport tractor performance tuning, analysis of engine noise transfer path, tire noise coast-by measurement, exhaust noise testing, component electrical testing, and brake pressure test.

Combustion Analysis and Car Performance Tuning of BMW M5 HurricaneMeasurement technology from Dewesoft helped tune the engine of the BMW M5 Hurricane sports sedan to reach over 1000 hp and set a world speed record.
Temperature Measurement on a Racing CarDewesoft temperature data loggers and OPTRIS infrared cameras are used to keep the state-of-the-art race car cool to ensure optimum performance and safety.
Airbag ECU Bracket Inertance MeasurementLearn how our data acquisition is used for airbag ECU bracket inertance measurement by detecting the acceleration signal of the airbag impact sensor.
Car Seat Crash Test With a CatapultLearn more about car seat crash tests with dummies. The results are used in the automotive & aerospace industry to evaluate seat behavior during an impact.
Direction Stability Test of a Braking VehicleIn this article, you will find more about measuring the braking performance of the vehicle, using the Dewesoft X Brake test plugin and Polygon plugin.
Performance Tuning in Tractor Pulling SportBy collecting data over a time span of just 1 minute the high-speed data provides a lot of useful information to optimize the tractor engine.
Operational Transfer Path Measurements and AnalysisLearn how Dewesoft DAQ vibration enabled Elaphe to address the NVH issues and to evaluate and eliminate powertrain contributions to the cabin noise.
Coast-by Method for Measurement of Tire Noise According to ECE R117Learn how the Dewesoft solution was used to perform coast-by noise measurements. The system can perform a tire noise test according to the regulations.
Formula Student Race Car Exhaust Noise TestingSee how the Dewesoft team performed exhaust noise testing and calculated vehicle RPMs based on the sound measurements at the Formula Student racing event.
Electrical Testing of Automotive ComponentsLearn how a Dewesoft DAQ system has helped Melecs with automated testing and provided a flexible solution for electrical testing of automotive components.
Brake Test Pressure Measurement on BusesThe brake system might be the most important and vulnerable system in the vehicle. Learn more about the brake system testing and analysis in this article.

Monitoring applications

Download monitoring case study booklet

Dewesoft monitoring case studies

Know the long-term perspective - noise, vibration, structural health, or machine condition monitoring. Monitoring of construction noise and vibration, bridge machinery condition, remote turbine monitoring, structural health monitoring of historical buildings, bridges, viaducts, or jetties.

Machine Condition Monitoring on Chaban-Delmas BridgeTo increase the quality of predictive maintenance, our customer installed vibration sensors to monitor the kinematic chain and pulleys of the bridge.
Remote Turbine Monitoring at Geothermal Power PlantLearn how Dewesoft data acquisition systems are used to perform remote turbine monitoring on a geothermal power plant site in Lardelo, Italy.
Structural Health Monitoring of the Railway ViaductA railroad bridge in Saudi Arabia was observed for around 80 hours to evaluate its structural health with the monitoring system based on Dewesoft integrated sensing devices.
Structural Health Monitoring With MEMS AccelerometersLearn how Dewesoft's new IOLITE MEMS accelerometer technology is used for a long term and permanent structural health monitoring of bridges and buildings.
Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) and Long-Term Structural Monitoring of a Jetty StructureLearn how Operational Modal Analysis & Long-Term Structural Monitoring are vital to understand and optimize the dynamic behavior on a jetty structure.