Next-generation Power Analysis and Power Quality Testing Solutions

We offer innovative data acquisition instruments for power analysis and power quality with 0.03% accuracy for high voltage and AC/DC current measurement. Our power and power quality analyzers can be used for any power-based test and measurement application. Flexible, robust and highly accurate DAQ hardware with easy-to-use DAQ software form innovative power and power quality analysis never experienced before. 

Power Analysis and Power Quality Solutions from Dewesoft

Our instruments are much more than just standard power meters. A wide range of extra supported inputs for temperature, vibration, strain, load sensors, as well as support for digital interfaces like counters, encoders, CAN, CAN FD, GPS, Inertial Navigation and Video offer a perfect data recording and analysis solution for electric and hybrid vehicle testing, batteries, and other electrical components.

To offer a turn-key power analysis solution we complete the product line with highly accurate AC and DC current transducers

Knowledge base:

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Current measurement in data acquisition applications

Voltage measurement in data acquisition applications

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