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Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

What Is TEDS Sensor Technology IEEE 1451.4?

Learn what is TEDS sensor technology (IEEE 1451.4), how it works. and how Dewesoft data acquisition systems use TEDS for seamless sensor connection.

Grant Maloy Smith


Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

How To Measure Current Using Current Transducer

What is electrical current and how is it measured? Find out in the article and learn the basics of exact current measurements and applications via sensors.

Grant Maloy Smith


Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

How To Measure Temperature with RTD Sensors [PT100, PT200, PT1000, ...]

Learn about RTD sensors (Resistance Thermometer Detectors), types of RTD sensors, how they work, and how to measure temperature with Dewesoft DAQ systems.

Grant Maloy Smith


Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

Measuring RPM, Angle, and Speed Using Digital, Encoder and Counter Sensors

In this article, we will discuss how you can measure digital signals, digital encoders, tachometers and RPM sensors with Data Acquisition (DAQ) systems.

Grant Maloy Smith


Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

Types of ADC Converters - The Ultimate Guide

In this article, you will learn about the different types of A/D converters used in data acquisition systems and the basic technology of each type of ADC.

Grant Maloy Smith


Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

What Is a Data Logger (Datalogger) - The Ultimate Guide

Data logger is a small and relatively inexpensive stand-alone recorder that monitors and records real-time data such as voltage, temperature, and current.

Grant Maloy Smith


Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

The Difference Between Data Logger and Data Acquisition (DAQ) System?

In this article, you will learn what are the basic differences between data loggers and a data acquisition (DAQ) systems and how we differentiate them.

Grant Maloy Smith


Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

How to Measure Weight With Load Cell Sensors

See how load cell sensors work. Learn how weight measurements are made in science and industry. Understand how you can incorporate them into your testing.

Grant Maloy Smith


Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

What Is A Sensor and What Does it Do?

Sensors ultimate guide. See what the sensors are. Learn about major sensor types. Understand the importance of sensors in the data acquisition (DAQ).

Grant Maloy Smith


Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

The List of Data Acquisition Companies [UPDATED 2023]

We gathered the complete list of data acquisition companies on all markets and applications. See what are the leading brands in the DAQ market in 2022.

Primož Rome


Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

What Is a Strain Gauge Sensor and How Does It Work?

Strain and pressure sensors are widely used in many static and dynamic measurements. Learn the best practices and theory behind strain gauge measurement.

Grant Maloy Smith