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Case Studies

Case Studies

Structural Health Monitoring on World's Longest Bridge

Learn how the Dewesoft EtherCAT DAQ devices have become standard in distributed industrial monitoring of the world's longest bridge.

Carsten Frederiksen


Case Studies

Performance Tuning in Tractor Pulling Sport

By collecting data over a time span of just 1 minute the high-speed data provides a lot of useful information to optimize the tractor engine.

Carsten Frederiksen


Case Studies

Vibration Measurement On a Truck GSO Hood

Dewesoft SIRIUS system was used for in-vehicle and MTS rig testing on potential solutions for field issues on the Hoods of some trucks.

Jake Rosenthal


Case Studies

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) Test

Our customer, a new manufacturer of Electric Vehicles, needs to validate the performance of ADAS functions of their products. The AEB test was performed according to the GB/T 33577-2017 standard.

Carsten Frederiksen


Case Studies

Vehicle Dynamics Testing Using Dewesoft VTS

Dewesoft Vehicle dynamics plugin is designed to carry on the pre-processing of the raw signals in accordance with the requirements of ISO standards for vehicle dynamics objective data analysis.

Carsten Frederiksen


Case Studies

Brake Test Testbed

The vehicle manufacturer wants to make tests for their new brake system in the brake test bed, measuring the brake line pressure values of four wheels.

Carsten Frederiksen