VMC2020 Day 5 - Monitoring Solutions and Customer Case Stories

Learn how to minimize unexpected, sometimes fatal failures in machinery or structures by using condition monitoring on the 13th of October. 

Join the lectures and learn about our solutions for monitoring applications such as structural health monitoring, bridge health monitoring, and machine condition-based monitoring for all kinds of industrial and rotating machineries such as turbines, wind generators, hydropower plants, and others. 


Why monitoring? Failure will occur, especially in continuously stressed systems, and it will happen unexpectedly and at the worst possible time. Continuous condition monitoring systems can ensure the proper protection and operation of your structures or machinery and help you establish a predictive maintenance program to avoid catastrophic failures, reduce time to repair, and the overall cost as well as extend the service life of your assets.

What is more, you can cast your vote to select the Best Customer Story 2020!

We have asked our customers to share their stories and offer a special prize for the best customer story that shows how Dewesoft products or services have helped solve a problem and attain a goal.

The best story gets the Dewesoft Customer Story Prize – three days of on-site training, support, engineering, brainstorming with any three people from the Dewesoft teams - managers, owners, engineers, or developers - equivalent to a value of € 10.000. 

The conference will be opened by an Opening Keynote Session following by exclusive lectures.  Hit the STAGE to find out about the st developments:

  • OPC UA Interface, Dino Florjančič
  • Historian - Database storage, Dino Florjančič
  • Structural Health Monitoring, Dino Florjančič
  • Machine Condition Monitoring, Rok Mesar
  • Acceleration Measurement, Primož Lapi
  • Temperature Measurement, Matic Pevec
  • Strain/stress Measurement, Matic Pevec

All lectures will be followed by Q&A SESSIONS giving you the opportunity to ask the questions that are on your mind - and get the answers that bring you further in your job-to-do.

At the end of the day, we invite you to the panel discussion and famous Dewesoft "Area 51" where we will show you plans for future developments. 

And this is not all! We have many more to share with you! So check the whole conference schedule and don't forget to register for the next conference days!

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