Vehicle Analysis Measurement and E-mobility Testing.

Join the Vehicle testing and analysis day on the 6th of October and learn how one system can cover testing vehicle components and also doing complete vehicle tests.

Learn about our advanced and easy to use solutions for complete electric and hybrid vehicle testing in development, validation and production - one-stop solutions for electric motor and inverter testing, battery and battery charge testing, combustion analysis, hydrogen engine testing and more.

Hear why the Dewesoft combined combustion and power analyzer is the perfect solution for hybrid powertrains - detailed analysis of the combustion engine as well as the electric motor, inverter, and batteries - all with a single DAQ system. 


Dewesoft navigational and inertial solutions will keep perfect track of where your test was located and for doing advanced vehicle motion analysis.

And autonomous vehicles - we provide an effective solution for ADAS testing with highly accurate GPS positioning systems to measure relative positions and velocity between multiple vehicles and objects.

See how the Dewesoft Vehicle Test Suite (VTS) keeps testing simple and automated, even for complex maneuvers with a quick pass or fail evaluation and real-time feedback for the driver.

Or how about our brake testing and ABS testing solution in accordance with ECE, ISO, FMSSV, and SAE standards or the Brake Noise solution based on VDA 303 guideline - automated workflow, flexible and robust.

The conference will be opened by an Opening Keynote Session following by exclusive lectures.  

Hit the STAGE to find out about the st developments:

  • Dewesoft navigation systems,  Primož Gorenšek
  • ECU-cal interfacing with XCP, Primož Gorenšek
  • Combustion and Hybrid analyser, Primož Gorenšek
  • ADAS measurements + Polygon, Nina Kovač
  • Brake system testing, Nina Kovač
  • Vehicle Testing Suite, Nina Kovač
  • Automotive bus system and sensors, Nina Kovač
  • Durability testing, Aljaž Kropivšek
  • E-Mobility, Daren Beziudenhout

All lectures will be followed by Q&A SESSIONS giving you the opportunity to ask the questions that are on your mind - and get the answers that bring you further in your job-to-do.

At the end of the day, we invite you to the panel discussion and famous Dewesoft "Area 51" where we will show you plans for future developments.

And this is not all! We have many more to share with you! Check the whole conference program and don't forget to register for the next conference days.

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Here is the complete schedule of VMC2020 days: