VMC2020 Day 3 - Sound and Vibration Analysis!

Whether it is a critical issue with a precious satellite or a noisy refrigerator, Dewesoft can solve the problem. Join our sound and vibration measurement day on the 29th of September and learn why.

Learn about our one-stop acoustic test solution that covers all essential sound measurement applications such as Sound LevelSound Power, Sound Quality, Sound Intensity, Reverberation Time RT60, and Octave Band Analysis.


Our Rotating Machinery solution is easy to use for order tracking, torsional vibration, FFT analysis, and Octave Band Analysis. We have redesigned the Orbit analysis measurement in a Dewesoft way. Fully-fledged turbomachinery analysis with easy setup and unmatched expandability – and we have evolved our Order tracking module into an entirely new solution.

Hear about our structural dynamics testingmodal testing (OMA, ODS, and MIMO), FFT (Frequency Response Function), fatigue test analysis, SRS (Shock Response Spectrum), and sine reduction (COLA) to optimize dynamic properties and behavior of products – from initial concept to final certification and beyond, including troubleshooting and structural health monitoring.

Dewesoft X3 software with the Sine processing plugin – a powerful structural analysis tool to evaluate responses and transfer functions on an unlimited number of channels, all done in real-time.


The conference will be opened by an Opening Keynote Session following by exclusive lectures. 

  • Orbit Analysis - Vid Selič
  • Sine processing - Vid Selič
  • Modal Test & Analysis - Jernej Sirk
  • Rotating machinery analysis - Simon Kodrič
  • Microphone measurement - Vid Selič
  • Acoustics (SLM) - Vid Selič
  • Sound power - Vid Selič
  • Sound intensity - Vid Selič
  • Sound quality - Vid Selič

At the end of the day, we invite you to the panel discussion and famous Dewesoft "Area 51" where we will show you plans for future developments. 

Solution Q&A Rooms

Every day immediately after the stage is finished we will have an open room for Q&A sessions on the topics presented on the stage. Everybody who is interested in more details can enter the solution room and ask questions to the application engineer.

Guest Speakers

To make sure you can join from any place on the globe we are delivering the 4 hours of intense interactive online knowledge sharing twice a day – at 8:30-13:00 and 15:30-19:00 CET Summertime (GMT +2). You can register either for one, two, more, or even all of our Tuesday sessions and tailor-make your own schedule for participation. 

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