The second conference day is dedicated to the Dewesoft X Software & General Data Recording.

By joining us on the 22nd of September you will learn how to get even more out of Dewesoft X - relevant to all users as well as developers. Includes training on existing solutions and discussion of possible future updates.


After years of improving Dewesoft X3, we will show a new Dewesoft X 2020, which is a celebration of the latest improvements in continuous developments. Learn everything you need to know about using Dewesoft X, from setting up a single measurement system to configuring extensions: Visual, Processing, Acquisition Devices, and last but not least Exports or how to use the sequencer for trivial repetitive tasks or control measurements by robots.

See how to use the C++ Processing and visual control plugin, a tool for creating custom math modules. It is a compromise between the formula's simplicity and the full power of plugins, allowing you to write complex Dewesoft math modules with ease.

With Dewesoft you can synchronize videos from different sources with the analog signals which can be measured with all our product lines - SIRIUS, KRYPTON, or IOLITE. Learn how to use even high speed and thermal cameras to capture everything synchronized.

And don’t forget our DAQ software is included for FREE with all Dewesoft data acquisition systems with lifetime FREE technical support and software upgrades. No hidden costs.

The conference will be opened by an Opening Keynote Session - Dewesoft software releases, general measurements, and the developer's day.

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The STAGE will be full of the newest product releases:

  • Dewesoft usage, Rok Kmetič, Eva Kalšek
  • Dewesoft X new features, Matic Lebar
  • Video measurement, Urban Baš
  • Sequencer, Urban Baš
  • Digital inputs and counters, Anže Baš
  • C++ Script and Development tools, Primož Ocepek

All lectures will be followed by Q&A sessions giving you the opportunity to ask the questions that are on your mind - and get the answers that bring you further in your job-to-do.

At the end of the day, we invite you to the panel discussion and famous Dewesoft "Area 51" where we will show you plans for future developments.

And this is not all! We have many more to share with you! Don't forget to register for the next conference days.

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