VMC2020 Day 1 - Grand Opening and The New Generation of Measurement Instruments

We invite you to Dewesoft VMC2020 – our Virtual Measurement Conference - a series of online interactive events. 


The first conference day is dedicated to the New Generation of Measurement Instruments. By joining us on the 15th of September you will get to know the latest Dewesoft instruments that open new dimensions in the field of test & measurement and real-time control as well as plans for future devices.

Learn about the new SIRIUS XHS, the next-generation data acquisition system. SIRIUS XHS is the first DAQ device ever that comes standard with HybridADC technology capable of doing both high bandwidth transient recording and very high dynamic alias-free acquisition, fully software-selectable per channel, with modern interfaces and protocols which allow open and flexible connectivity.

New SIRIUS XHS hardware opens new opportunities for Power Analysis and Power Quality Analysis. Is your CPU not powerful enough for the power calculation? Use GPU, we will show you how.

And how about IOLITE LX, the first embedded data logger, and the real-time DAQ system? The device is hosting an embedded ARM processor running completely new Dewesoft RT on the Linux OS. And what a processor it is. Using the advanced technology of mobile devices, the ARM CPU can go places. Transferring data to standard data services, such as cloud or factory systems, data logging to the hard real-time operations this processor can handle all. Data acquisition and real-time control in one device - measurement has never been easier. Open the potential of the IOLITE system for test-bed and industrial applications.

The STAGE will be full of the newest product releases:

  • High-speed DAQ with SIRIUS XHS - Jure Knez, Jaka Ogorevc, Tomaž Kos, Marko Jamšek
  • Dewesoft and Real-time control - Aljaž Kropivšek
  • Embedded solutions with IOLITE LX - Aljaž Kropivšek
  • Power Measurement - Mojca Miklavec
  • Using GPU for faster power calculation - Mojca Miklavec 
  • Dewesoft RT - Tomaž Kos, Aljaž Kropivšek

All lectures will be followed by Q&A sessions giving you the opportunity to ask the questions that are on your mind - and get the answers that bring you further in your job-to-do.

At the end of the day, we invite you to the panel discussion and famous Dewesoft "Area 51" where we will show you plans for future developments. 

And this is not all! We have many more to share with you! So check the whole conference schedule and don't forget to register for the next conference days!

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Here is the complete schedule of VMC2020 days: