We give you 34 real-life customer stories – check out our booklets with case studies. These stories show how our customers did their jobs with a little help from some Dewesoft friends.

Each of the four booklets is focusing on a specific industry or field of applications: Power & Energy, Aerospace, Automotive, and Monitoring.

Power & Energy Applications

Download Power & Energy Case Study Booklet

Dewesoft power and energy case study booklet

It’s all about power, grid, reactors, generators, engines, and appliances. Switch and vibration testing on high-voltage reactor, biogas engine testing, DAQ integration on testbed, power inverter testing, electric household appliance testing, diesel generator certification, and performance and powertrain measurements on marine vehicles.

Aerospace Applications

Download Aerospace Case Study Booklet

Dewesoft aerospace case study booklet

Fly into space with NASA, ESA, ISRO, DCTA... Structural testing of a rocket nose cone, vibration monitoring on crawler core systems, DAQ and control on launcher booster test bench, performance measurement on hybrid rocket engine, RPS for telemetry processing station, and spaceplane TPS fitting and bonding control.

Automotive Applications

Download Automotive Case Study Booklet

Dewesoft automotive case study booklet

All kinds of vehicles, cars, buses, tractors, race cars… Durability and road load measurement, combustion analysis and performance tuning, race car temperature measurement, airbag ECU bracket inertance measurement, car seat crash testing, brake direction stability testing, pulling sport tractor performance tuning, analysis of engine noise transfer path, tire noise coast-by measurement, exhaust noise testing, component electrical testing, and brake pressure test.

Monitoring Applications

Download Monitoring Case Study Booklet

Dewesoft monitoring case study booklet

Know the long-term perspective - noise, vibration, structural health, or machine condition monitoring. Monitoring of construction noise and vibration, bridge machinery condition, remote turbine monitoring, structural health monitoring of historical buildings, bridges, viaducts, or jetties.