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Monday, February 20, 2023 · 0 min read

The Highlight of the Year - VMC2020

Dear Dewesoft friends,

VMC2020 was a success! It's hard to overestimate the impact of the first virtual measurement conference on our business and work-life during restrictions and uncertainty. We couldn’t really meet this year, however, the virtual version of our Measurement Conference  - VMC2020 - attracted more people than ever. The days of VMC2020 were truly meetings of minds. Due to limitations, we made our event unlimited and open for everybody to attend and we hosted 3,5 times more attendees - almost 600 visitors each of the five days. More than 1500 professionals, experts, colleagues and friends from all over the world joined the event. Our virtual activities, generated a wider global reach, more posts and followers on social media, more channel views on Youtube - and consequently also growth in the number of sales inquiries - a 4-year peak!

VMC 2020

Conference program

Watch all five meetings of minds:

If you missed any part of the program, don’t worry - you can watch our recordings anytime from anywhere on our Dewesoft Youtube channel.

VMC 2020

Q&A sessions and guest lectures

Our partners have shared their expertise and best practices, and shown how to use DewesoftX in practice.

You can also download presentations from guest lectures and Q&A sessions.

VMC Q&A sessions

VMC2020 customer stories

We are glad to announce that all VMC2020 customer stories are now published and available on our webpage!

Thank you for your contribution! Together we collected 31 truly great stories which we are proud to share with our customers and friends. In 2020 we have already attracted more than 10.000 unique page views from all over the world by publishing successful stories!

Case studies

Emergency Ventilator Testing To Aid Hospitals in Coronavirus CrisisSee how Dewesoft USA responded quickly and provided flexible data acquisition systems to set up an emergency ventilator production line to help hospitals.
Structural Testing of Rocket Nose Cone Using Sine ProcessingBrazilian space institute DCTA is using Dewesoft sine processing solution to perform structural dynamic test of rocket nose. Read case study to learn more.
Electric Household Appliance TestingLearn how BSH is utilizing our DAQ systems for voltage, current, and temperature measurements to test household appliances and perform power analysis.
Remote Turbine Monitoring at Geothermal Power PlantLearn how Dewesoft data acquisition systems are used to perform remote turbine monitoring on a geothermal power plant site in Lardelo, Italy.
Testing Power Inverters and Motor Terminal IssuesLearn how our power analyzers with high bandwidth voltage and current measurements are used to troubleshoot electric motor and inverter terminal issues.
Biogas Engine Testing and Parameter OptimizationSee how Power UP GmbH uses the Dewesoft combustion engine analyzer solution is used for biogas engine testing and parameter optimization.
Non-Destructive Monitoring of Fruit Ripeness. Is My Avocado Ready-to-eat?Radio6ense and Dewesoft developed a non-destructive test for monitoring the ripeness of fruits: electromagnetic, radio, mechanical, and vibration waves.
Integrated Signal Conditioner for Aerospace Propulsion ResearchLearn how ISRO replaced its outdated measurement system with a precision DAQ system for mission-critical applications in aerospace research.
Large Scale Aerospace Structural Testing for Indian Space Research OrganizationLarge Dewesoft 2264 channel signal conditioning and data acquisition system is used at the structural test facility in Indian Space Research Organization.
Dynamic Brake Testing of Earth-moving MachinesA Dewesoft brake test system has helped BEML Ltd. to measure the brake performance on heavy machinery and verify them against international standards.
Simulation of the Human Heart Rate With Vibration Shaker and Function GeneratorDewesoft solutions were able to simulate a heart rate signal and mimic its actual physiologic signals for the quality control on the VentriJect Seismofit.
Airbag ECU Bracket Inertance MeasurementLearn how our data acquisition is used for airbag ECU bracket inertance measurement by detecting the acceleration signal of the airbag impact sensor.
Brake Test Pressure Measurement on BusesThe brake system might be the most important and vulnerable system in the vehicle. Learn more about the brake system testing and analysis in this article.
Automated Sound Intensity Measurement on LoadersSee how the Dewesoft sound intensity solutions and data acquisition system helped to do the automated measurement of the sound intensity on Bobcat loaders.
Lift Capacity Measurement on a Compact ExcavatorIn this article, you will learn more about lift capacity measurement. Using Dewesoft solution, Doosan Bobcat was able to acquire live data of a lift point.
Direction Stability Test of a Braking VehicleIn this article, you will find more about measuring the braking performance of the vehicle, using the Dewesoft X Brake test plugin and Polygon plugin.
Train Brake Performance Testing in Winter Conditions AFRY test center in Sweden has tested train brake performance in winter conditions, measuring strain and temperature with Dewesoft DAQ systems.
Vehicle Dynamics Testing Based on ISO StandardsLearn how LEANE and Dewesoft helped implement new solutions to improve daily vehicle testing job with the R2DB DAQ system and Vehicle Test Suite software.
Structural Health Monitoring With MEMS AccelerometersLearn how Dewesoft's new IOLITE MEMS accelerometer technology is used for a long term and permanent structural health monitoring of bridges and buildings.
Structural Vibration Monitoring on the NASA's Crawler Transporter Core SystemsLearn how Dewesoft replaced old DAQs for vibration monitoring on NASA's Crawler Transporter core systems that require precise time synchronization.
ROPS Testing - Structural Safety Test on Tractor CabinROPS TestingAGCO Massey Ferguson uses Dewesoft DAQ systems to homologate tractor cabins during rollover protection test which is mandatory vie EU directive.
Machine Condition Monitoring on Chaban-Delmas BridgeTo increase the quality of predictive maintenance, our customer installed vibration sensors to monitor the kinematic chain and pulleys of the bridge.
Spaceplane Thermal Protection System (TPS) Fitting and Bonding ControlSee how Dewesoft data acquisition systems are used to perform fitting and bonding control of the thermal protection system on the Dream Chaser space plane.
LED Testing - Efficiency and Power Quality AnalysisUsing Dewesoft Power Analyzer we investigate the efficiency and power quality of LED lights according IEC 61000 on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
Economizer Testing - Do Energy Savings Through Harmonic Filters Really Work?With help of a highly precise Dewesoft power analyzer, we checked if electric power economizers really save 10% of energy as economizer manufacturers claim!
Evaluation of Human Response to Vibrations in Buildings - UNI 9614:2017Learn how Dewesoft data acquisition systems and whole-body vibration software are used to measure and evaluate human response to vibrations in buildings.
Automated Motor Gear Testing and Quality ControlLearn how SIRIUS DAQ system is used for testing and quality assurance of the automated motor gear unit test bench and integrated with PLC & SCADA systems.
Energy Flow Analysis of Electric Vehicle With Power AnalyzerIn the process of electric vehicle development, producers need to perform energy flow analysis on vehicles under development for best economic performance.
Energy Consumption Test of an Electric MotorcycleSee how to analyze the energy consumption of the electric motorcycle (electric motorbike) under real-life driving conditions using Dewesoft Power Analyzer.

We thank you for creating these memorable days with us. We will remember this series of events as a highlight in the measurement world this year and are happy that we despite the odds were able to share knowledge, passion and a warm feeling of family with you.