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Dewesoft Is Now ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory

Our calibration laboratory has passed all requirements according to ISO/IEC 17025 standard​​​​​​​. The audit was performed by Slovenian Accreditation.

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Dynamic Measurements on Suspension Bridges

Learn how dynamic measurements were performed during load tests on two hanging bridges. Dewesoft offered a practical solution for environmental conditions.

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DewesoftX 2022.1 Released - UI and Usability Improvements, Modal Analysis Updates, Scanivalve Support, MOOG Controller Acquisition

DewesoftX 2022.1 is fully compatible with Windows 11. It introduces box-zoom, updated modal analysis module, Scanivalve pressure scanner & Moog controller.

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Dewesoft and HBK Announce a New Joint Venture Blueberry

Dewesoft and HBK announce a new joint venture called Blueberry. Blueberry will work on backbone standardization for the new generation of DAQs. See the PR.

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Introducing the Test Engineer Catalog

Test engineers catalog is a technical reference for the measurement of voltage, current, temperature, strain, vibration, sound, and more. Download it now!

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How To Replace Chart Recorders with a Dewesoft Digital DAQ System

Learn how digital DAQ system represents the optimal way to replace old oscillographic chart recorders, save money, and move your testing to the next level.

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DewesoftX DAQ Software

Check our award-winning data acquisition software for test & measurement. Offers a complete feature set for data recording, data visualization, and data analysis. 

A Lot of Happy Customers

World-leading brands trust us and rely on our data acquisition products and solutions. We serve over 5000 happy clients around the world.

I think I mentioned in previous emails how Dewesoft has mushroomed here, but even I didn't know how much. I was informed today that the data was being reviewed by up 50 to 60 different centers, along with NASA personnel as high as the manager of the entire Space Shuttle program.
It has been a long day, but before going home I wanted to say few things. Thank you from the bottom of my engineer heart and in the name of OneSubsea for what you did today! Yesterday at 10 PM I sent you an email asking for urgent help on a Saturday morning. 30 minutes later you replied you would come. This morning you were 5 people involved in resolving the issue. I have never experienced such customer service! Thanks again, customer service matters a lot to us, and today's response blew me away.
I have never encountered a company as competent as yours. Respect! You will always be encouraged and supported by me.
We recommend SIRIUS as a great unit to anyone that asks how we like it.
We absolutely enjoy using the Dewesoft data acquisition equipment and its software. I think of it as the Porsche 911 of data acquisition (my dream car/our dream test equipment).
Senior R&D boss shook the hand of the R&D manager: "You made the decision for the right instrument." With your instruments work makes fun again!
Again, thanks for all of the new features that are being included in Dewesoft X. It is already a fantastic product and deserves to become the Microsoft Word of data acquisition software.
Again, thanks for all the efforts on this project! I greatly appreciate everything you guys have provided to us.
I wanted to personally write to you and tell you how impressed I am with Dewesoft products. The whole Dewesoft team impressed me as extremely happy, smart, and dedicated. 
The setup and measurement process in the FRF module is really fascinating. Among the systems that I have seen, it is the absolutely most straight forward. Geometry and the measurement setup are available as files. It's a matter of minutes to have the final FRF's and the animation to get an impression of the vibrations. That's great!
The combination of software, hardware, and the Polygon plugin is really great. And on top of that, we can use it for so many things. This is just what we have been looking for!