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I think I mentioned in previous emails how Dewesoft has mushroomed here, but even I didn't know how much. I was informed today that the data was being reviewed by up 50 to 60 different centers, along with NASA personnel as high as the manager of the entire Space Shuttle program.

Dewesoft has transformed our approach to measurements. Prior to using Dewesoft, it would take us hours or even days to set up our measurement equipment. But now, everything can be done in a matter of minutes. With a clear data overview and multiple export formats, our work has become much more efficient. We greatly appreciate the almost instant support and assistance provided by Dewesoft. Any special requests or suggestions are addressed in a very short time. Truly, Dewesoft is the ultimate Swiss knife of the measurement world.

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Application Notes

The Effects of Different Accelerometer Adhesives for Vibration Measurement on Steel Structures

This application note explores how adhesives impact accelerometer-based vibration measurements in steel structures. Two-component epoxies are effective but slow and costly. Single-component adhesives are faster and cheaper but may distort data due to their elasticity. Tests revealed that single-component adhesives can cause phase shifts and signal attenuation, highlighting the need for careful adhesive selection to ensure accurate measurements.

Emanuele Burgognoni


Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

What is a PID Controller?

PID controllers are essential in automation, using Proportional (P), Integral (I), and Derivative (D) terms to minimize errors and stabilize systems. They adjust outputs based on the difference between a desired setpoint and a measured value. Widely used in manufacturing, robotics, and automotive industries, they control processes such as temperature and pressure. Future advancements include IoT integration, adaptive tuning, and AI, enhancing efficiency and functionality.

Grant Maloy Smith


Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

What is Sensor Fusion?

Sensor fusion combines data from multiple sensors to create a detailed understanding of an environment, enhancing advanced machines like self-driving cars, drones, and robots. By integrating inputs from RADAR, LiDAR, cameras, GNSS, and IMUs and using advanced processing techniques such as Kalman filtering and neural networks, sensor fusion improves decision-making and functionality.

Grant Maloy Smith


Product Updates

Introducing Next Generation Data Acquisition: IOLITE® X

Introducing IOLITE® X, a next-gen data acquisition system ideal for industrial use. It features fast sampling rates of up to 200 kS/s, a durable fanless aluminium chassis, and easy operation via DewesoftX software. It supports versatile system integration and advanced signal conditioning for accurate data collection across various applications, backed by a 7-year warranty.

Jaka Ogorevc


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