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We design test and measurement equipment that simplifies the advancement of humanity. Our data acquisition systems are the ultimate tools for test engineers.

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I think I mentioned in previous emails how Dewesoft has mushroomed here, but even I didn't know how much. I was informed today that the data was being reviewed by up 50 to 60 different centers, along with NASA personnel as high as the manager of the entire Space Shuttle program.

Dewesoft has transformed our approach to measurements. Prior to using Dewesoft, it would take us hours or even days to set up our measurement equipment. But now, everything can be done in a matter of minutes. With a clear data overview and multiple export formats, our work has become much more efficient. We greatly appreciate the almost instant support and assistance provided by Dewesoft. Any special requests or suggestions are addressed in a very short time. Truly, Dewesoft is the ultimate Swiss knife of the measurement world.

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How I Built a Microgrid in the Middle of Nowhere

An engineer detailed his experience building a microgrid for a remote retreat in western Montana, where traditional utilities are unavailable. Using Starlink for internet and communication, he installed solar panels, batteries, and an inverter in a storage container to create an off-grid power system. After resolving power quality issues with a power analyzer, he established a functional, scalable energy solution, enabling remote work from this isolated location.

John Miller


Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

How to Measure Pressure?

Pressure measurement, essential in various industries, involves monitoring processes and is defined as force per unit area. Key types include absolute, gauge, and differential pressure, measured in units like Pascal and psi. Understanding the principles, sensors, and technologies behind pressure measurement is essential for selecting the appropriate method for specific applications.

Grant Maloy Smith


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DewesoftX 2024.3 Released - Improved Navigation in the Sequencer, Polygon, Modal Geometry, GigE PTP Sync, and LIN Improvements

The DewesoftX 2024.3 release includes significant updates like improved Sequencer navigation, enhanced Polygon module settings, new Modal Geometry features, and PTP synchronization for GigE cameras. Additionally, it offers LIN plugin improvements and various other updates for better automation and data visualization. This free upgrade is compatible with all Dewesoft systems and available for download.

Eva Kalšek


Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

Formula One vs. IndyCar Racing

Formula One (F1) and IndyCar are prestigious motorsport series with unique histories and rules. F1, from Europe, is known for its high-tech, hybrid engines and global fan base. IndyCar, rooted in the US, emphasizes speed and versatility on various tracks with simpler, cost-effective cars. F1 highlights technological innovation, while IndyCar offers accessible, diverse racing. Both provide thrilling high-speed competition with distinct appeals.

Grant Maloy Smith


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