EtherCAT accessories

Power and synchronization accessories for KRYPTON and SIRIUS EtherCAT and USB data acquisition systems.


EtherCAT Power Injector

EtherCAT data acquisition devices can be easily distributed using a single cable for power, data, and synchronization. Each cable can be up to 100 meters between DAQ nodes.

Since every DAQ device in the EtherCAT measurement chain consumes power and some power is lost due to the resistance of the cables we need to inject additional power supply if the measurement chain consists of many data acquisition devices.

ECAT power injector product is used to inject additional power into the EtherCAT measurement chain. It is simply connected into the EtherCAT chain as any other EtherCAT DAQ module. ECAT power injector will inject and supply fresh power for all the DAQ nodes connecter after it.

EtherCAT Power Junction

ECAT power junction is used to connect any EtherCAT data acquisition device like KRYPTON or SIRIUS with the power supply and standard PC computer with the RJ45 Ethernet port. 

Using Dewesoft processing computers and data loggers like SBOX, KRYPTON CPU, R2DB, R4, R8 or MINITAURs​​​​​​​ do not require this accessory as the power is provided directly from the mentioned units.

EtherCAT Sync Junction

ECAT sync junction is used to synchronize acquisition from Dewesoft EtherCAT based data acquisition devices like KRYPTON with USB data acquisition devices like SIRIUS USB and DEWE-43A.

The ECAT sync junction is not required with R1DB/R2DB, R4, R8 or MINITAURs DAQ systems when extended with EtherCAT devices, because the sync junction is already built into the systems.

EtherCAT GPS Junction

ECAT GPS junction device is used similarly as ECAT sync junction for synchronization between USB and EtherCAT based data acquisition devices using GPS as a synchronisation time source.

ECAT GPS junction has a built-in 10 Hz GPS receiver and connector for connecting GPS or IRIG-B-DC time code signal. The devices are synchronized using this time code.

The built-in GPS receiver can also be used for recording positioning, just like with any other navigational device.

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