You’re invited to cast your vote for the KRYPTON ONE to get Tech Briefs’ 25th Annual Readers’ Choice Award. 

Each year, Nasa Tech Briefs asks their readers to cast their votes in the annual Tech Briefs’ Readers’ Choice Product of the Year Awards. In June 2019, editors have already chosen KRYPTON ONE as a Product of the Month because of its exceptional technical merit and practical value for the design engineering readers.

You’re invited to cast your vote for KRYPTON ONE, the world's smallest single-channel data acquisition module. We believe it was the most important new product introduced to the engineering community in 2019.

Dewesoft data acquisition system KRYPTON ONE

You can vote for KRYPTON ONE here We are excited to win a Product of the Year Award. Together we can do it!

Please submit your vote by JANUARY 20, 2020. 

Thank you for your trust and support!

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