What if you require a data acquisition system that provides input channels with high dynamic range and anti-aliasing capabilities, but much higher sample rates on other channels? SIRIUS® XHS with HybridADC is the solution.

Meet the SIRIUSi-XHS-8xACC

The latest edition to the SIRIUS® XHS product family is the 8 channel isolated standalone data acquisition system for IEPE/ICP sensor measurement.

SIRIUSi-XHS-8xACC is a perfect DAQ device for the most demanding transient recording applications, such as blast test and analysis. The DAQ device utilizes the new HybridADC technology which allows the DAQ system two modes of operation:

  • High-bandwidth acquisition at a 15 MS/sec sampling rate or
  • High-dynamic range acquisition mode with a dynamic range up to 150 dB at lower sampling rates.

The modes are software selectable at each input channel meaning that a single DAQ system replaces where traditionally you needed two separate DA systems.

The input connector on the SIRIUSi-XHS-8xACC front panel is BNC. It features an LED ring for the IEPE sensor check. SIRIUS XHS-ACC amplifier supports TEDS sensor configuration which makes sensor connection ready within a few seconds.

SIRIUSi-XHS-8xACC has high-temperature stability and hardly any phase mismatch between channels. Excitation current ranges from 2 mA up to 20 mA with a compliance voltage of 24 V.

SIRIUS XHS-ACC amplifier features two hardware high-pass filters for the AC coupling (1 Hz, 0.1 Hz), while other filters are software configurable.

Key Features of SIRIUSi-XHS-8xACC

  • The perfect tool for most demanding transient applications
  • HybridADC signal conditioning technology
  • TEDS support
  • Channel-to-channel isolation
  • Excitation Current: 2 mA … 20 mA
  • Coupling: DC, AC (1 Hz, 0.1 Hz)
  • LED indicators on front connector for Sensor Check
  • High dynamic range: up to 150 dB @ 10 kHz
  • Temperature stability
  • Interchannel phase matching

HybridADC Technology

SIRIUS XHS data acquisition systems introduce new ADC technology called Hybrid ADC. The technology allows the user to select three modes of operation for each analog input channel:

  1. High bandwidth mode: 5 MHz bandwidth and 15 Ms/s sampling rate, SIRIUS XHS can perfectly acquire impulse, step, and square signals without any ringing or overshoot. Such a mode is perfect for transient recording and power analysis. Such acquisition mode is typically found in SAR ADCs.
  2. High dynamic alias-free mode: up to 1 Ms/s data can be acquired up to 150 dB dynamic range. This alias-free filter with a bandwidth close to the Nyquist criteria is used for frequency domain analysis of the signal like sound and vibration. This behavior is similar to classical Sigma-Delta ADCs.
  3. Ring-free filtering: for time-domain data analysis, with no overshoot on impulse signals, the ring-free filter is the best choice. We keep alias-free acquisition with an automatic setting of the cut-off frequency to 0.2 times of the sampling frequency.

SIRIUS XHS HybridADC acquisition modes

By today's standard, you would need two totally separate DAQ devices for the mentioned measurements. The SIRIUS XHS with HybridADC technology allows you to select the sampling rate independently per channel, ensuring that all measurements conform to the application. New amplifiers follow the capability of this new HybridADC converter. All modes are available in one device, also in parallel acquiring two channels at different rates completely synchronous to each other.