IOLITEi-8xRTD is the latest module in the IOLITE data acquisition family. IOLITEi-8xRTD is an 8-channel module for the temperature measurement with resistance temperature detectors (RTD). It can be also used for resistance measurements with ranges up to 10 kΩ and voltage measurements with ranges up to 1 V.

The RTD module supports practically all resistance thermometers, from standard platinum resistance thermometers - PRT. Supported types are:

  • Pt100,
  • Pt200,
  • Pt500,
  • Pt1000,
  • Pt2000
  • to fast responsive thermistor sensors. 

RTD module offers both channel-to-ground as well as channel-to-channel isolation up to 1000 V.  With the RTD module the data are acquired simultaneously from all 8 channels with sampling rates up to 100 samples per second using 24-bit delta-sigma ADC.

The input connector of 8xRTD is a Lemo 0B 6-pin (EEA.0B.306.CLN). 

IOLITEi-8xRTD can be mounted, as all IOLITE modules, in both IOLITEs chassis or in industry-standard IOLITEr 19” rack cabinet. 

IOLITEi-8xRTD is the right choice for the most accurate temperature measurements in industrial applications.

Part of IOLITEi-8xRTD data acquisition system

IOLITE is perfect for Industry 4.0 automation, automotive test benches, aerospace component testing, structural monitoring and alarming - just to name a few applications. 

Watch the video to see how different worlds of control and data acquisition are combined in one elegant system. 

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