The KRYPTON-4xCNT is a rugged 4-channel counter module. Each channel is capable of 3x digital inputs, 1x event counter, encoder, period, pulse-width, duty-cycle, and precise frequency and angle measurement using patented SuperCounter® technology. 

KRYPTONi-4xCNT 4-channel counter input module

Dewesoft SuperCounter technology explained

Supported counter modes are counting, waveform timing, encoder, and gear-tooth sensor.

KRYPTON-4xCNT additionally offers a sensor supply (+5 V/100 mA, +12 V/50 mA).

The input connector of KRYPTON-4xCNT is a Lemo 1T series 7-pin (EEG.1T.307.CLN). The module is IP67 rated and capable of withstanding demanding environmental conditions.

The KRYPTON counter module is a perfect choice for applications like balancing, order tracking, and torsional vibrations or in e-mobility for powertrain efficiency testing in harsh environments (e.g. heavy machinery, agriculture).

KRYPTON Counter Connector Pinout

KRYPTONi-4xCNT front panel

Pin Name Description
1 IN0/A Input A
2 IN1/B Input B
3 IN3/Z Input Z
4 GND Ground
5 +5 V 5 V supply
max. current: 100 mA
6 +12 V 12 V supply
max. current: 90 mA
7 GND Ground