Dewesoft is introducing 3 new DSI adapters compatible with Dewesoft data acquisition systems:

DSI-TH-UNI: Universal Thermocouple Adapter

This new DSI adapter for thermocouple sensors features a universal thermocouple input. It allows it to connect practically any type of thermocouple sensors - K, J, T, R, S, N, E, B, C.

Dewesoft DSI-TH-UNI - universal thermocouple DSI adapter

DSI-TH-UNI has integrated cold junction compensation with CJC accuracy of 0.5 °C.

Universal thermocouple DSI adapter comes in an attractive compact chassis-mounted directly on the host amplifier without any additional cable.

Host amplifier configuration and calibration coefficients can be read via the TEDS sensor interface.

General specifications
Sensor connector Mini thermocouple, female
Thermocouple Types K, J, T, R, S, N, E, B, C
Cold junction compensation Integrated
CJC accuracy 0.5 °C
Input impedance > 10 MΩ
BIAS current 50 nA
Open TC detection YES
Linearisation Through software according to the sensor type
TEDS For adapter identification and calibration data
Dimensions 52 x 31 x 15 mm (61 x 31 x 15 mm with screws)
Weight 40 g

DSI-ACC-0.16Hz-20mA: IEPE/ICP® Adapter

DSI-ACC-0.16Hz-20mA is the new DSI adapter for IEPE/ICP® signal inputs.

Dewesoft DSI-ACC-0.16Hz-20mA - IEPE/ICP adapter

The adapter combines features of existing DSI-ACC adapters with an increased time constant (𝜏 = 1 s, high-pass filter 0.16 Hz) and sensor excitation (20 mA).

DSI-ACC-0.16Hz-20mA is supported only with the following host amplifiers: SIRIUS LV/LV+, STG/STG+, HS-LV/HS-LV+, HS-STG/HS-STG+.

Inputs specifications
Sensor connector BNC
Supported sensors IEPE / ICP
Amplifier settings Automatically selected by software
- Measurement: Voltage
- Range: ±0.1 V to ±10 V
- Excitation: 10 V
Adapter specification
Sensor excitation 20 mA ±15 %
Compliance voltage > 20 Volt
Accuracy 30 Hz to 30 kHz 0.07 %
High pass filter 0.16 Hz
Power consumption 800 mW
Supported Amplifiers (exceptions) Only on: SIRIUS LV/LV+, STG/STG+, HS-LV/HS-LV+, HS-STG/HS-STG+
Gain drift 50 ppm/°C
Max. input offset 12 mV
Input impedance 1 MΩ
Supply voltage ±5 V (±1 %)
Input configuration Isolated (max. 350 VDC) when using with isolated SIRIUSi modules, else single-ended
Bandwidth up to 500 kHz (limited by the bandwidth of host amplifier)
Low-pass filter 10 Hz to 100 kHz (depending on host amplifier)
Ranges 100 mV, 1000 mV, 10000 mV (SIRIUS-HS series offers more ranges)
Typical SNR @ 30 kHz bandwidth
10000 mV up to 125 dB (limited by the SNR of the host amplifier)
1000 mV up to 110 dB (limited by the SNR of the host amplifier)

DSIw-20mA: Waterproof IP67 Current Shunt Adapter

DSIw-20mA is a waterproof DSI adapter for current measurement with up to 20mA.

Dewesoft DSIw-20mA IP67 current shunt adapter

It uses a 50 Ω shunt resistor with 0.01 % accuracy and 0.2 ppm/K temperature drift (0.05 ppm/K in the temperature range 0 °C to 60 °C).

This is a product made for sensing current from industrial sensors with 4-20 mA output in harsh environments.  It is designed with a double DSUB9 adapter hood (IP67 rating).

DSIw-20mA is suited for mounting on a SIRIUSwe or KRYPTON STG.

Inputs specifications
Input connector type Waterproof DSUB9 female connector
Input range 20 mA
Shunt Resistor 50 Ω, Metal Foil
Input accuracy Calibrated to ±0.01 %, calibration in TEDS
(uncalibrated ±0.05 %)
Temperature Coefficient ±0.05 ppm/°C typical (0 °C to +60 °C)
±0.2 ppm/°C typical (-55 °C to +125 °C)
Power Rating 250 mW (do NOT exceed maximum rating!)
TEDS 1024-bit, 1-Wire EEPROM
Environmental rating IP67

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