The sound makes the music - data acquisition and measurement technology from Dewesoft set the new tone. A good car engine sound is tuned to the maximum detail and shaped based on vehicle type and engine type. The automotive industry leaves nothing to a chance. The manufacturers of exhaust systems are currently working more than ever on sound engineering.

Electric, but not Silent

white electric car on pedestrian crossing with EU flag

The now silent electric vehicles must by new legislation also be equipped with the right acoustics. The time of silence seems to be over. The legislators worldwide have responded to the "whisper cars". Electric, fuel-cell, and hybrid vehicles must be equipped from mid-2019 with a so-called Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS). From mid-2021, also the older models will be retracted. From then on all the vehicles will have to be sold with the sound system. Not only due to new legislation, but the sound design is also a major topic in the automotive industry. For example, the manufacturers of exhaust systems work on whole sound databases for a variety of products - one of the largest European specialists in this field is supported by Dewesoft.

Connection with SIRIUS DAQ system

In particular, the in-house research of our customers uses Dewesoft measuring instruments to measure sound transmission losses, exhaust gas pressure pulses, vibrations, temperatures, and experimental modal analysis as well as internal and external sound. Specifically, the customer uses a wide range of sensors for strain, temperature, vibration, and sound - these are combined with the Dewesoft SIRIUS measuring instrument. The OBDII (CAN) is used to detect the engine speed, speed, throttle and damper flap position of the car engine.

Characterization of the exhaust system

Our measurement technology enables the customer to use scientific approaches to characterize the sound design of the exhaust system. The efficiency of each acoustic element is analyzed, disturbing effects (such as whistling and rumble) of the whole system are localized, analyzed and eliminated. Dewesoft offers a turnkey solution to develop, enhance and customize an excellent sound design.

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