The IOLITEr-8xLVe is a perfect solution for measurements with various types of industrial sensors. It is a high-channel DAQ device with easy sensor connectivity. IOLITE 8xLVe offers a high-power sensor supply, also feasible for some types of current sensors. Test engineers use it for synchronized high dynamic measurements with a great price-performance ratio. 

Supported measurement modes are Voltage, Current and Potentiometer measurements. IOLITEr-8xLVe has two input ranges: ±100 V and ±5 V. It provides unipolar excitation and has TEDS support that works with different industrial sensors such as pressure sensors, potentiometers and MEMS accelerometers.

Data is acquired simultaneously from all 8 channels with a sampling rate of up to 20 kS/sec. The module uses a 24-bit sigma-delta ADC with an antialiasing filter.

This module offers our reliable Channel to ground isolation which provides good protection against external spikes. Another feature of this module is high common-mode voltage.

Additionally, the module is available with D-SUB37 and terminal block connector and fits in all IOLITE standard chassis.



IOLITEr-8xLVe-D37 connector: Pin-out


IOLITEr-8xLVe-D37 (left) and IOLITEr-8xLVe-D37 connector: Pin-out (right)


IOLITEr-8xLVe: T2A9f Analog input: Pinout
IOLITEr-8xLVe (left) and IOLITEr-8xLVe: T2A9f Analog input: Pinout (right)

Pin Name Description
2 NC Not connected
3 GND Ground
4 Exc- Excitation-
5 Exc+ Excitation+
6 Sns- Sense-
7 Sns+ Sense+
8 In- Input-
9 In+ Input+

IOLITEr-8xLVe: T2A2f Power OUT: Pinout
IOLITEr-8xLVe: T2A2f Power OUT: Pinout

Pin Name Description
1 +PWR OUT Vsupply output
2 -PWR OUT Non-isolated GND

Caution: PWR OUT pins are intended to supply external loads. Do not connect the external power supply to the PWR OUT pins! It can damage the equipment. The current limit of the PWR OUT source is 2 A per module. The current limit of the IOLITE system is 16 A!