Dewesoft’s brand new Test Engineers Catalog is not just another “product catalog”. It has been designed to live on your desk or bookshelf for a long time. Why? It is a valuable technical reference that shows what the most important measurements are, including voltage, current, temperature, strain, pressure, acceleration, vibration, sound, and more. It shows how these measurements are made, with background about the major sensors used to do it. Then it shows the compatible Dewesoft signal conditioners that can make these measurements on detailed performance tables, across all of our three major product lines. It also covers related measurements, such as power, video, and digital signals. And of course, which hardware and software are compatible with these applications.

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We encourage you to keep this Test Engineers Catalog nearby and refer to it whenever you need a measurement refresher for any sensor or signal type, the best practices behind sensor selection, and more. This is a solutions catalog more than a product catalog. 

Dewesoft test engineers catalog - How does it work section

Dewesoft’s three major DAQ platforms: SIRIUS, KRYPTON, and IOLITE are described according to where they best fit, with SIRIUS being the overall technically advanced flagship, KRYPTON as our most physically rugged instrument for harsh environment applications, and IOLITE bridging the gap between DAQ and real-time control.

Then, each major signal type is covered on at least four pages, starting with voltage. Technical background and sensor information are followed by tables that show the compatible amplifiers for this measurement available for SIRIUS, KRYPTON, and IOLITE. This is repeated for the other measurement types.

Dewesoft test engineers catalog - Strain and pressure measurement with IOLITE

The Test Engineers Catalog also covers the variety of sensors that have been precisely paired with our amplifiers and measuring systems, as well as shakers for modal analysis applications. Of course, we include a section of important accessories that expand the capabilities of our platforms, such as external displays, battery packs, and more. We did not forget about our classic models DEWE-43A and MINITAURs, and of course, the best DAQ software in the world, DewesoftX.

This catalog is intended to be a resource for the most important element in the measuring chain: our valued Dewesoft customers. We hope that it will serve as a useful reference for you for years to come. 

Download Test Engineers Catalog NOW!