DSI-CHG-DC is the latest edition to the DSI adapters product range. DSI-CHG-DC is an adapter used for the measurements with charge sensors.

Dewesoft DSI-CHG-DC adapter

DSI-CHG-DC has four input ranges from 1 kpC up to 500 kpC. In addition to the DC measurement, users can choose four different hardware high-pass filters in the channel setup of Dewesoft X3 software. A detailed description of high-pass filters is in the specifications below.

The main advantage of the newest DSI® adapter is a large time constant, practically DC charge measurement with DC drift lower than 0.1 pC/s for the 500 kpC input range. The bandwidth of DSI-CHG-DC is 20 kHz for 500 kpC range and 200 kHz for 50 kpC range.

DSI-CHG-DC is currently supported by all SIRIUS host amplifiers with DSUB9 input connectors and KRYPTON-6xSTG. Support for other amplifiers is pending. Host amplifier configuration and calibration coefficients can be read via the TEDS.

Charge sensors can be connected to the DSI-CHG-DC BNC input connector and to the host amplifier using DSUB9 male-female extender cable. The housing includes four holes and two belt clips for easy mounting of the DSI-CHG-DC adapter.

For more details and technical specifications, please see the DSI adapters page.