Dewesoft was a proud partner when Ljubljana on July 1 and  2, 2022, hosted a fascinating trampoline jumping event, Odbito na Ljubljanici.

the biggest trampoline set over the river Ljubljanica in Ljubljana

The event transformed the central city into an outdoor trampoline park with more trampoline bridges suspended across the Ljubljanica River.

The happenings featured a match of the Gymnastics Federation of Slovenia, breathtaking jumps by some of the world's best freestyle acrobats, and stunning performances by the acrobatic duo, Kamikazeta.

acrobatic show over the biggest trampoline in the world

More than 5,200 visitors used the chance to jump from bank to bank on a trampoline bridge - a main attraction of the event. The setup also offered a so-called fan zone, in which visitors could have their raw physical strength measured with our instruments.

The Odbito culminated with the "Dewesoft highest bounce" - an attempt to set a new world record on the world's biggest trampoline. This challenge fueled the atmosphere: "Will the jumpers break the world record this year?" 

the touch of the dewesoft bag for the presitigious title od dewesft biggets bounce

In the dark evening sky, a giant Dewesoft logo is facing the castle watching over the Slovenian capital. And hopla! A new world record was set! 

British Ernest Brenchley bounced 13 meters into the air - even with a little to spare. Ernest also performed the best-rated trick for a flip on the mega trampoline and thus took home the double trampoline crown from Ljubljana.


Only the sky is the limit? No, not even the sky!