We have ended the Dewesof virtual measurement conference 2020 in style. I hope you enjoyed it. We climbed the tallest chimney in Europe, the tallest mountain in Slovenia, we have destroyed a washing machine and have blown up a car.

That was all nice, but we left the best for the last. For the very end, Sašo Piskar, our software engineer assembled the Dewesoft orchestra consisting of only Dewesoft employees and prepared a special performance for you. Here it is - Dewesoft Orchestra - Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. Enjoy!

You may ask - why are we doing all this? Why can't a measurement conference consist of just plain technical videos and discussions? Why did we invent Dewesocks, what are beautiful ladies doing here, why is music so important for us?

For us, Dewesoft is not only a company, it is a way of life. It is a passion for trying to do everything in our power to fulfill customer requirements and to help in developing new cars, trucks, airplanes and exploring space. To help humanity evolve. 

The best products are always a mixture of hard work coupled with fun and we can promise that we will continue to have fun with what we do best - measurement instruments. Simply because - we are Dewesoft. 

Sašo and Dewesoft orchestra, let’s rock.

The Dewesoft Orchestra Members

The Dewesoft Orchestra


  • Sašo Piskar, Lead Software Engineer

Performed by:

  • Vocals: Kristina Medvešek, Warehouse Manipulator
  • Back vocals: Natalija Barič, Warehouse Manipulator
  • Back vocals: Jana Petkovšek Štakul, Public Relations
  • Bass guitar & wine glasses: Sašo Piskar, Lead Software Engineer
  • Bass guitar: Gregor Medvešek, Software Engineer
  • Baritone: Matic Lebar, Project Manager
  • Trumpet: Andrej Orožen, CEO and Cofounder
  • Accordion: Miha Krajnc, Student in Software Development
  • Accordion: Anton Medvešek, Head of Product Assembly
  • Diatonic accordion: Marko Zmazek, Student in Testing
  • Diatonic accordion: Tomaž Kos, Head of Software Engineering
  • Diatonic accordion & wine glasses: Mojca Miklavec, Software Engineer
  • Harmonica: Matjaž Pongračič, Senior Software Engineer
  • Solo guitar: Tomaž Ožir, Hardware Engineer
  • Electric guitar: Gašper Prašnikar, Product Assembler
  • Electric guitar: Jure Oberžan, Head of Calibration
  • Electric guitar: Miloš Jug, Software Engineer
  • Ukulele: Primož Rome, Latin America Regional Manager
  • Noise: Boris Laharnar, Software Engineer
  • Drums: Jaka Ogorevc, Project Manager
  • Oil barrel: Helena Lapi, HR Associate
  • Oil barrel & tambourine: Loti Orožen, Head of Accounting
  • Djembe: Luka Šum, Purchasing Clerk
  • Triangle: Matej Novak, Software Engineer
  • Wine glasses: Jure Knez, President and Cofounder