An exciting new venture into the world of Motocross.

Dewesoft Italia is delighted to announce a new sponsorship deal with the 125cc EMX European Champion Valerio Lata for the season 2022.

Valerio Lata with Gabriele Ribichini, CEO of Dewesoft Italia
Valerio Lata with Gabriele Ribichini, CEO of Dewesoft Italia

“I am proud to be part of the Dewesoft Team,” says Valerio Lata. “I hope to bring Dewesoft with me to the top of the podium many times.”

Dewesoft Systems helps companies to design our future. New cars, satellites, trains, buildings, e-mobility vehicles, spaceships, motorbikes, etc. are designed and improved using our Data Acquisition Systems. Having Valerio in our family provides us with the opportunity to unite a top-class Italian driver with unrivaled Data Acquisition Technology.   

Dewesoft Data Acquisition Systems can measure almost everything; power, vibrations, noise…,

 says Gabriele Ribichini - CEO at Dewesoft Srl - “...and now, with Valerio, passion too!”

Valerio Lata behind his motorcycle
Valerio Lata is now part of the Dewesoft Team

Valerio Lata - European Champion

My biggest dream has always been to become the MXGP World Champion! I would like to emulate the career of my friend and idol Tony Cairoli 

Born in Rome on the 6th July 2005, Valerio showed a passion for two wheels at a very young age. Just 5 years old, he got on a motorcycle for the first time - and what started as a bit of fun soon became something much more serious. His ability and innate aptitude for driving led him to achieve his first major title at age seven when he became the 50cc Italian Champion. The following year, he took part in the 65cc Italian Debutants Championship, ending the season in overall second place. 

2014 marked a turning point in Valerio’s career when, at the age of 11, he has crowned the 65cc Minicross Italian Champion, thus beginning to make himself known at a national level. Continuing his success, Valerio was named the 85cc Junior Italian Vice-Champion the following season. 

Valerio Lara on motocross trackHis ability and innate aptitude for driving led him to achieve his first major title at age of seven

“Valerio is our pride!!”, says Nicoletta - Valerio’s mum - “It is always a bit scary for me looking at him during races, but when I see him happy - it’s the best thing a mum can ask for her child”. 

Valerio’s career in motocross was cemented in the years 2018 and 2019. Within just two years, Valerio won the Italian 85cc Championship, the European Championship, and the 85cc World Championship. 

A transition to the 125cc category was a natural progression in Valerio’s career. In 2020, he achieved fourth place in the general classification, his first year entering into this category. The icing on the cake for 2020 came when was victorious at the Mantova GP, a trial for the 125cc European Championship. 

Valerio received his definitive consecration into the sport in 2021 when he became the 125cc European Champion.

Valerio Lata on European Motocross Championship
Valerio became the 125cc European Champion in the 2021

Valerio’s Motocross Achievements

Year Place Championship
2012 1st place 50cc Italian Championship
2013  2nd place 65cc Italian Debutant Championship
2016 1st place 65cc Italian Minicross Championship
2017 2nd place 85cc Italian Junior Championship
2018 1st place 85cc Italian Junior Championship
1st place Motocross of Nations
2019 1st place 85cc Italian Junior Championship
1st place Motocross of Nations 
1st place 85cc World Junior Championship
2020 9th place 125cc European Championship
4th place 125cc Italian Championship
2021  1st place 125cc Italian Championship
1st place 125cc European Championship

Valerio Lata on his motorcycle in the air