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Electric Motor and Inverter TestingComplete solution for electric and hybrid drivetrain testing

The Dewesoft power analyzer offers combined electric motor and inverter testing solutions that allow the measurement of a high number of voltage and current input channels. It is possible to measure up to eight 3-phase systems along with temperature, vibration, RPM, torque, CAN, etc. with a single device completely synchronized

Electric Motor and Inverter Testing highlights

Dewesoft quality and 7-year warranty

Enjoy our industry-leading 7-year warranty. Our data acquisition systems are made in Europe, utilizing only the highest build quality standards. We offer free and customer-focused technical support. Your investment into the Dewesoft solutions is protected for years ahead.

Electric motor and inverter testing

As electric motors face increasing energy efficiency requirements, adherence to standards like the IEC 60034 is crucial. This standard mandates that all asynchronous motors meet at least the IE2 efficiency level. Unlike before, when losses were estimated at 0.5%, precise determination of these losses is now necessary. Achieving accurate efficiency and loss measurements demands the highest precision across the entire measurement chain.

The Dewesoft electrical power analysis solutions, combined with additional current sensor calibration options, ensure the highest accuracy for all power measurements. Our modular hardware design allows for the measurement of up to 12-phase motors, as well as mechanical parameters like speed, torque, and deformation.

Our power analyzers can also measure parameters such as vibration, sound level, and temperature, all fully synchronized with the power parameters. The inclusion of power quality analysis (fundamental power, harmonics, THD, etc.) further enhances its comprehensive analysis capabilities.

Comprehensive and accurate inverter analysis

The Dewesoft power analyzers provide detailed and highly accurate analysis of various inverters. Its modular and precise data acquisition systems support the measurement of all input/output configurations, including up to 7-phase AC systems.

It can analyze fundamental frequencies from 0.5 Hz to 3 kHz and switching frequencies up to several hundred kHz, enabling everything from efficiency determination to detailed analysis of each switching pulse. Raw data storage allows for the analysis and presentation of each individual switching pulse, such as transient behavior, in the scope. The power quality module automatically calculates THD, harmonics, and other metrics. Transient recording captures voltage and current peaks, which is particularly useful for long cable lengths.

The high edge steepness of the inverter output (up to 10 kV/μs) can cause capacitive leakage or high motor bearing currents, potentially damaging the motor. Dewesoft easily measures all these parameters, and all analysis options are available during measurement. The voltage steepness (dU/dt) for each individual impulse can be determined and statistically classified, simplifying the design and testing of inverters and filters.

Combined electric motor and inverter testing

Combined motor and inverter testing demands a high number of input channels for voltage and current measurements along with fully synchronized data acquisition. The Dewesoft solution enables the measurement of 8x 3-phase systems using a single device, allowing for synchronous measurement of an entire power system (e.g., electric vehicle, aircraft, ship). This feature integrates all functionalities of motor and inverter testing and supports additional parameters such as speed, torque, temperature, video, GPS & IMU, and CAN/CAN FD.

Traditionally, testbed applications required multiple devices, including a power analyzer, oscilloscope, data logger, and CAN logger. The Dewesoft solution consolidates all these capabilities into a single device, storing raw data at the full sampling rate and enabling real-time analysis.

The DewesoftX DAQ software offers unique post-processing functionalities, allowing for analysis (mathematics, power analysis) after measurement completion. You can even change settings or correct measurement mistakes, such as adjusting phase voltages if they were connected incorrectly, without repeating the measurement. This innovative workflow provides exceptional freedom and flexibility.

Power analysis features

  • Analyze 1-12 phase motors.

  • Analyze up to eight 3-phase systems in a single power analyzer in parallel.

  • Raw data storing and analysis fully enables online and offline calculations.

  • Transient and fault recording.

  • Scope, Vector Scope, Harmonics, FFT analyzer in a single device.

  • Additional measurements like speed, RPM, torque, temperature, vibration, deformations, etc.

  • Efficiency and loss analysis and mapping.

  • Measurement of mechanical parameters.

  • Different frequencies (DC, 16,7Hz, 25 Hz, 50Hz,  60Hz, 400Hz, 800Hz, variable frequency).

  • Voltage rise time analysis (dU/dt).

  • Current sensor calibration - phase and amplitude correction.

  • Filter analysis.

Typical power analyzer configuration

For a typical configuration, we recommend using our high-channel SIRIUS® R4 and SIRIUS® R8 data acquisition systems or a completely modular and distributed SIRIUS® XHS solution with network and PTP synchronization:

  • 4 - 12x high voltage inputs

  • 4 -12x current inputs

  • 1x torque input

  • 1x speed input

  • Additional inputs - analog (IEPE, thermocouple), digital, CAN/CAN FD, GPS & IMU, video, etc.

If you would like more information, you can visit our Power Analyzers product page to see all available power analyzers and choose the most appropriate one for your testing scenario.

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